Mon. May 20th, 2019

Motivational Quotes by Bill Phillips

Bill Phillips:-


List Of Motivational Quotes by Bill Phillips:-


“I figured I’d just come out and see what it’s like, you know. It’s a nice store, laid out nice.” 



“I have been telling them to secure against non-structural damage … This may not be necessary for the current quakes but is always a good idea.””



“More often than not, we see cars orbiting the parking lot.” 



“Stress should be a powerful driving force, not an obstacle.”



“The two things we live and die by are the outside shot — because we don’t have inside presence other teams have — and protecting the ball. Our motto is value every possession every game.” 



“What got us here was our team play, especially our defense. But then we’d turn the ball over and lose the possession and the opportunity to score.”


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