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Motivational Quotes by David Bach

David Bach:-


List Of Motivational Quotes by David Bach:-



“A child who fails trying something new is a child who will learn faster. “



“Aside from the equity they may have in their homes, most Americans really don’t have any savings to speak of. “



“Buying an expensive gas-guzzler can transform a rich person into a poor one pretty quickly. “



“Cash is king. Cash is security. Cash is protection. “



“Change your actions, change your life. “



“Don’t accept less than you are worth. “



“Don’t be afraid to admit that you don’t know what something means. “



“Don’t give up – get going! This is your year. “



“Downturns are when you can buy stocks and other investments at bargain prices – that is, ON SALE. “



“Every financial decision should be driven by what you value. “



“Get your money to work for you, instead of your working for it. “



“How many hours do you want to spend today working for your future? “



“I did something that turned my life around. It was something I had been teaching my students and readers to do for years. I opened up my journal and made a gratitude list. “



“I think you deserve to live the big dream… “



“If it has been done before, it can be done again. That is one of life’s greatest truths. “



“If something goes wrong with your flight, buying your ticket with a credit card protects you. “



“If you are serious about finishing rich, you will eventually need to own some property. “



“If your financial plan is not automatic, you will fail! “



“It’s not too late for you to become rich – if you start today. “



“Money gives you control, so hold on to it as long as you can. “



“My Grandma Rose Bach used to tell me, ‘David, when the going gets tough, the tough have cash.’ “



“My Grandma Rose Bach… taught me never to judge a book by its cover. “



“No one can control our future if we don’t let them. “



“Not paying taxes is a good thing. “



“Sometimes life requires you to hit the reset button. “



“Starting today, I’m working for me. “



“The aftermath of a recession is the ideal environment in which to lay the foundation for a secure, financially independent future. “



“The great truth about money is that in order to keep it and grow it, you have to fight for it. “



“The hardest part of changing things is… deciding to change. “



“The rich get rich because they pay themselves first. “



“The secret to finishing rich is, you can’t give up! “



“The simple fact that you exist makes this world a better place. “



“Wasting money and hurting the planet go hand in hand. “



“When two people work together to accomplish a goal, they can usually achieve it twice as fast as either of them would have worked alone. “



“You are never too old – or too young – to learn… “



“You can’t coulda-woulda-shoulda yourself to wealth or happiness. “



“You can’t get rich watching and wondering. You have to take action. “



“You don’t have to earn a lot of money to be rich. “



“Your parents may never have given you a money lesson, but you certainly learned by watching them. “

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