Charmaine J. Forde:-


List Of Motivational Quotes by Charmaine J. Forde:-


“Be patient, be sincere, but most of all, be good to one another” 



“Don’t stab the pig and then eat its bacon” 



“Each time I bless a stranger- I feel like I have won the Lottery” 



“Give a little bit more than you gave yesterday, and make a promise to be a little

more grateful than you have ever been before” 



“Gratitude for me is waking up each day, and being able to make a difference in somebody’s life.” 



“I thank God for opening my eyes and allowing me to see the sun and the blue skies



“It must be October, the trees are falling away and showing their true colors.” 


“Just because it is not done your way, doesn’t mean it is not right.” 


“Let’s start a new slate, let’s look for the rainbow in every cloud and let’s be more humane and selfless, let us become more philanthropic- that’s my wish for the New Year.” 


“One valuable lesson I have learned in this life is…to take no one or nothing for granted” 


“Rid yourself of those High School grudges which are still stressing you”


“The more you do for people, the less grateful they become, but don’t let that deter your sincere spirit of giving.” 



“The most fulfilling times in my life are those times when I am helping others” 



“They laughed at my dreams, and I’m constantly thanking them, up to this day, for believing in me” 


“Though February is short, it is filled with lots of love and sweet surprises” 


“When you hang out with laggers, you’ll never be on time for the appetizers” 



“You will learn a lesson from everyone you meet in this lifetime”