Twisted Quotes:- Twisted is an Indian erotic thriller web series which premiered on 30 March 2017 and streaming on Jio Cinema as well as VB on the Web App.

The show primarily stars Nia Sharma, Namit Khanna, Rahul Sudhir, Tia Bajpai in Season 1 and in season 2 it stars Nia Sharma, Rahul Sudhir and Dilnaz Irani.


Below you will find our collection of inspirational, wise, and humorous old twisted quotes, twisted sayings, and twisted proverbs, collected over the years from a variety of sources.


Inspirational Twisted Quotes & Sayings


“It is not the monsters we should be afraid of; it is the people that don’t recognize the same monsters inside of themselves.”-Shannon L. Alder


“The best secrets are the most twisted”-Sara Shepard


“Glory is reserved for the twisted minds.”-Charlyn Khater


“They were the screams of riders torn apart by the twisted reflections of their own inner selves.”-Neal Shusterman


“Death is funny when you think about it. Everybody does it, but nobody knows how exactly how.”-Laurie Halse Anderson


“People are more twisted than people think.”-Brad Meltzer


“Fate has a twisted sense of humor.”-Amelia Atwater-Rhodes


“Without pride, man becomes a parasite – and there are already too many parasites.”-Carla H. Krueger


“Don’t be looking up at no sky for help. Look down here, at us twisted dreamers.”-D.B.C. Pierre


“Surely the vogue of those twisted and contorted human figures must be as short as it is artificial.”-Harriet Monroe


“Conditioning obstructs our view of reality. We do not see IT in its suchness because of our indoctrination, crooked and twisted.”-Bruce Lee


“Ego and pride is a two-headed twist.”-T.F. Hodge


“We’re all kind of weird and twisted and drowning”-Haruki Murakami