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Jul 4, 2020
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Motivational Aaron Funk Quotes And Sayings

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Aaron Funk Quotes:- Aaron Funk (born January 11, 1975), known as Venetian Snares, is a Canadian electronic musician based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. He is widely known for innovating and popularising the breakcore genre and is one of the most recognizable artists to be signed to Planet Mu, an experimental electronic music label.

Funk is a very prolific musician, often releasing several records each year, sometimes on several different record labels, including Planet Mu, Hymen, Sublight, and his own imprint Timesig, and also under different aliases, including Last Step, Snares Man!, Snares, and Speed Dealer Moms.

Inspirational Aaron Funk Quotes

I believe the world to be a muffin pan, and there certainly are a lot of muffins here.
Aaron Funk

Inspirational Aaron Funk Quotes

I find when I’m more awake, I tend to think more of the structure and movement of a tune, abrupt transitions, etc.; things becoming more composed.
Aaron Funk

I just do these ‘Sleep’ type tracks when the situation presents itself. I never set out to do them, like wait all day until I’m really tired or something. Gotta come naturally.
Aaron Funk

The tracks on ‘Sleep’ were recorded live to 2-track. I did a fadeout or two of them, but that’s really it.
Aaron Funk

I love the immediacy of those old analog machines; it’s really inspiring. You just set them up to play, and they go, playing the same thing until you switch the pattern.
Aaron Funk

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