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Motivational Andrew Garfield Quotes Sayings

Andrew Garfield Quotes:- Andrew Garfield (born 20 August 1983) is a British-American actor. He is the recipient of several accolades, including a Tony Award, and has been nominated for an Academy Award and two British Academy Film Awards.


Inspirational Andrew Garfield Quotes


“Spider-Man has always been a symbol of goodness and doing the right thing and looking after your fellow man.”-Andrew Garfield

Inspirational Andrew Garfield Quotes

“I hope that I’m always struggling, really. You develop when you’re struggling. When you’re struggling, you get stronger.”-Andrew Garfield


“I think too much. Being in my body is much more satisfying than being in my head.”-Andrew Garfield


“As an adolescent, Spider-Man was what got me through tough times in terms of being a skinny kid.”-Andrew Garfield


“I’ve gone through my whole life caring deeply what people think of me.”-Andrew Garfield

“Obviously there’s something very seductive about movies, which can be attractive in a bad way if you’re doing them for the wrong reasons – for money, or for fame.”-Andrew Garfield


“I feel incredibly awkward as a human being and incredibly teenaged still.”-Andrew Garfield


“In secondary school, I was floating – I wasn’t passionate about anything. I did a little sport, but it was pretty joyless because the competitiveness was too much to bear.”-Andrew Garfield


“I’ve realized that at the top of the mountain, there’s another mountain.”-Andrew Garfield


“My parents signed me up for classical guitar lessons, which made for two years of the most depressing Wednesday evenings.”-Andrew Garfield


“I don’t believe anyone is ugly.”-Andrew Garfield

“That’s all I want, to keep losing myself.”-Andrew Garfield


Famous Andrew Garfield Quotes


“I have no interest in being known as a celebrity; ‘celebrity’ is a pretty disgusting word. It’s part of the brainwashing of the culture, part of the false idolatry of those that are only human, and I don’t want to participate in that.”-Andrew Garfield


“I read Naomi Klein’s ‘No Logo’ when I was 15. It’s one of the things that’s shaped my relationship to fame – to endorsements, to selling things.”-Andrew Garfield


“I have very strong feelings about what modern fame means, and the toxicity of it.”-Andrew Garfield


“We’re always serving something, even if we’re not aware of it. We’re usually serving capitalism.”-Andrew Garfield

“I worked in a Starbucks that wasn’t very popular – before the big coffee boom in London. My boss didn’t take kindly to my incessant sitting. I was like, ‘Look, I’ve dusted everything, the stockroom is all figured out… I would rather sit now so I have the energy when a customer does come in.'”-Andrew Garfield


“We’re all one thing, and we’re all just enacting different aspects of ourselves all the time.”-Andrew Garfield


“I love the idea that if you know someone’s story, it’s impossible not to love them. This is potentially hokey but incredibly true, as far as I’m concerned.”-Andrew Garfield


“It’s much easier to gain control over a mass population when you pit them against each other.”-Andrew Garfield


“If I can keep losing myself – and finding parts of myself – in other people’s writing and direction, then that’s all I can really ask for. That’s all I want, to keep losing myself.”-Andrew Garfield


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“When I found out about being cast in ‘Spider-Man,’ it was like this bubble developed around me. I was floating in it for a while. And then, suddenly, it evaporated, and I was like, ‘Well, I’m just an actor. I don’t get to actually be Spider-Man.'”-Andrew Garfield

“I sincerely want to help create beauty in the world and move a culture of separateness back towards the community. I really, really do, and I think art is a powerful way of doing that.”-Andrew Garfield


“Everyone has made themselves into a commodity with Facebook, Twitter – with all of these things, you’re commodifying your life every time you post an Instagram picture.”-Andrew Garfield


“In the film, there’s this kind of constant fear that you’re going to be doing too much. That may be an unfounded fear because I love sizable performances on film, especially when they’re by performers who push the boundaries of what people deem the right kind of size.”-Andrew Garfield


“America always seemed to me this foreign land that I imagined I could escape to if I needed to get away – and I think that came both from the fact that I was born there and from watching so many American movies when I was a kid.”-Andrew Garfield


“I have been drawn to stories that are attempting to turn to suffer into beauty.”-Andrew Garfield


Best Andrew Garfield Quotes


“Donald Trump is a lost soul wandering this Earth. He’s been led down the Willy Loman path and believes his own hype. He’s serving his little self and his little ego; otherwise, why would he need to overcompensate so much?”-Andrew Garfield


“Since I was, I’ve had that feeling of, ‘Am I enough? Am I worthy? Am I supposed to be here?’ And my culture and society are telling me that I’m actually not in a lot of ways – unless I have this amount of money, or I’m in this kind of car and I have this kind of job, or I’m famous, or whatever.”-Andrew Garfield


“We were under a lot of financial pressure when I was growing up.”-Andrew Garfield


“I’d much rather be in the world than in some ivory tower somewhere.”-Andrew Garfield


“I’m always having a crisis of faith, with everything. People who are certain are terrifying to me. That’s how religious wars get started.”-Andrew Garfield


“I was raised with the idea that the arts were a doss – but the arts are vital. If you see Mark Rylance perform Shakespeare at the Globe, you know it’s a spiritual act.”-Andrew Garfield