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Motivational Anna Kaiser Quotes And Sayings

Anna Kaiser Quotes:- Anna Kaiser is an American fitness professional, choreographer, and entrepreneur. In 2016 and 2017, Greatist named Kaiser one of the 100 Most Influential People in Health & Fitness.


Inspirational Anna Kaiser Quotes


“I love working out at AKT. I will jump into one of my instructor’s classes, hold a secret session with friends, or jam it out with my team, five days per week, 60-90 minutes each day.”-Anna Kaiser

Inspirational Anna Kaiser Quotes

“Sleep more. I don’t think anyone understands how important it is. If you have a choice where you’ve only been sleeping five or six hours and can sleep an extra hour or work out, sleep an extra hour.”-Anna Kaiser


“Dance classes are not designed to be workouts – they’re designed to teach the skill.”-Anna Kaiser


“The most important tip is to find a workout that you love – one that you’re excited to go to. And do it with a group of friends. That’s one of the reasons I created Happy Hour. It’s effective, but it’s also really fun to dance together under a disco ball.”-Anna Kaiser


“I love giving myself and my clients gold stars every day that they’ve completed a workout – it feels really good.”-Anna Kaiser

“Workouts, for me, are more about stress relief and having more energy to do the things I need to do. That’s a much healthier way of approaching exercise. All of those other things will come if you commit to it. It really is about being a happy person.”-Anna Kaiser


“I wake up in the morning and drink my Essentia water first. I keep a liter by my bed. If I get up in the middle of the night, I can just grab it. I try to drink a liter before 10 A.M. The water rehydrates me after sleeping for eight hours.”-Anna Kaiser


Famous Anna Kaiser Quotes


“If I have my breakfast after my workout, I’ll do a shaker with whey protein, chia, greens powder, and maca. When I get out, I’ll put ice in the shaker with coconut water, shake it, and have it for breakfast.”-Anna Kaiser


“Caffeine is hard on an empty system, so I try not to do it unless it’s to get my heart rate up. If you drink caffeine 15 minutes before the workout, it can make it more effective. So I’ll do tea or coffee after breakfast.”-Anna Kaiser

“I don’t think that anyone should be working out more than 60 to 90 minutes, four to five days a week.”-Anna Kaiser


“One meal option is a piece of poached chicken the size of your fist with a green salad sprinkled with lemon juice, carrots, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, and celery. Another is a cup and a half of quinoa with minced veggies, all cooked at once so the quinoa absorbs the nutrients.”-Anna Kaiser


“It’s important to work slowly and intelligently in your strength work before revving up the intensity. Start with deep diaphragmatic breathing to reengage and reconnect with your abdominals.”-Anna Kaiser


“Cardio should remain low-impact at first. You can gradually kick up the intensity. Interval training is a great way to incorporate short bouts of strength and cardio efficiently, too.”-Anna Kaiser


“When I’m traveling, I always make sure to fit in a good daily AKTread session. And, of course, a day off every week.”-Anna Kaiser

“A heart rate monitor is very important because every day is different. Sometimes you may have a ton of energy, and other days you may not, but you can hold yourself accountable for knowing how hard you’re working by having a very specific goal to work toward.”-Anna Kaiser


Greatest Anna Kaiser Quotes


“Our skin is the largest organ and one of the ways we eliminate waste.”-Anna Kaiser


“I knew that my career in dance would come to an end at some point, and transitioning into a career in fitness was a natural progression.”-Anna Kaiser


“When you’re hypermobile, it’s easy to think your muscles are flexible, but your flexibility is really around your joints and not your muscles.”-Anna Kaiser


“Some great soups are filling and warm. So, at the four o’clock hour, when people are craving caffeine and a cookie, soup is a really great option because it fills you up and feels like a meal, so it can keep you going until dinner, but it’s not hugely caloric.”-Anna Kaiser


“Soup is really easy to make: you can take basil, celery, acorn squash and boil them and then put them in the blender with sea salt. It’s delicious and only takes about 15 minutes. You can make it the night before. It’s kind of like making baby puree, and there are a ton of super easy recipes.”-Anna Kaiser


“Everyone has a different opinion when it comes to caffeine during pregnancy. I work full time, and with the extreme exhaustion pregnancy brings, I need a little boost a couple of times a day. On days when I can’t stomach coffee, green tea has also proven to be very helpful and soothing.”-Anna Kaiser

“One of my pet peeves in athleisure today is clothes that make a woman feel square and one-dimensional.”-Anna Kaiser


Best Anna Kaiser Quotes


“You cut up a piece of fruit, peel it, put it on a dish, and top it with something fun, and it feels like a real snack, instead of just walking down the street while peeling an orange and eating it: you’re not actually taking a minute to enjoy that snack.”-Anna Kaiser


“Just because your body is losing inches doesn’t mean you’re losing weight or vice versa. It’s not about the weight: it’s about building lean muscle, which is going to increase your metabolism and then allow you to lose weight quicker.”-Anna Kaiser


“Veggies and fruit are known to harbor bacteria, and so your body naturally wants to avoid them. I used to beat myself up about trying to get enough fresh food and protein as I did before getting pregnant. But then I resigned myself to the fact that my body is going to crave what it needs.”-Anna Kaiser


“If you want to see your abs, you have to lose fat. I want to be sure there are no misconceptions that specific abs exercises will give you abs! I work with the core. Think about your abs and back working together to support your spine – that will give you an amazing physique!”-Anna Kaiser

“I always say eat everything, but eat it in moderation. I don’t like to inhibit anyone.”-Anna Kaiser


Top Anna Kaiser Quotes


“If you only focus on your abdominal wall, your back isn’t going to be as strong, and so there’s going to be an imbalance in your body. You want them to be strong together and work together, and not have one overcompensate.”-Anna Kaiser


“Your core is the center of your entire body – everything else is an extension – so you want to make sure you’re strong in your entire core and not just part of it.”-Anna Kaiser


“I will make a ton of meat and fish and poultry on Sunday and then again on Wednesday. It’s not always easy to get protein if you don’t prepare in advance.”-Anna Kaiser


“You don’t always want to go do the same thing day after day because your body, as well as your mind, is not going to be as stimulated. You’re not going to want to work as hard or be as motivated.”-Anna Kaiser


“Soreness is not something you should always look for. It’s good once in a while: it means you are pushing back on plateaus. But just because you aren’t sore doesn’t mean you aren’t working hard.”-Anna Kaiser


“The majority of us spend anywhere from three to ten hours – or more – being active and working out every week. Why not develop a skill and get better at something while you are getting the best full-body workout?”-Anna Kaiser


“There’s nothing that helps clear my mind and improve my mood more than sweating in a room with my friends to some amazing new music and feeling stronger and taller every time I walk out. It’s truly incredible. I’m addicted. And the results aren’t half bad, either.”-Anna Kaiser