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Motivational Dan Quinn Quotes And Sayings

Dan Quinn Quotes:- Dan Quinn (born September 11, 1970) is the current head coach of the Atlanta Falcons of the National Football League. He previously served as the defensive coordinator of the Seattle Seahawks from 2013 to 2014, whose Legion of Boom defense led the team to two consecutive Super Bowl appearances, winning Super Bowl XLVIII.


Inspirational Dan Quinn Quotes


“I think some people have a rare ability to focus. As a player, Earl Thomas has it. When he was at practice or in a game, he was always on; he was right there.”-Dan Quinn

Inspirational Dan Quinn Quotes

“Number one, from a tackling standpoint, we teach strike zone hits, and we want to hit absolutely as hard as we can in that strike zone, and that’s absolutely what we call a batter in the batter’s box from the chest all the way down to the knees.”-Dan Quinn


“We want to play a really physical style ball, and so, for us tackling, we know we are shoulder-based tackling team, and we want to hit that strike zone just like you’re throwing fastballs into that catchers’ mitt just as hard as you can.”-Dan Quinn


“As far as the fouls go, we are not going to rely on anyone else to make the calls for us.”-Dan Quinn


“You love for a quarterback to sometimes make the decision as the rush is coming and make the decision as to the play, as opposed to where that computer is hitting it fast and he’s knowing where to go with the ball at the right time.”-Dan Quinn

“We talk about toughness as a quarterback: it’s not sometimes the physical part that you see; it’s the mental toughness and the ‘I’m going to stand in here, take this shot,’ and ‘I’m going to deliver it to my guy.'”-Dan Quinn


“I think it’s important that we go through everything together as a team.”-Dan Quinn


“When it’s those division games, that’s when it gets ramped up for me.”-Dan Quinn


Famous Dan Quinn Quotes


“I think that’s the ultimate sign of a teammate and respect is that they compete against one another so hard at practice that here’s a chance to share some knowledge inside. It takes some humility to do that.”-Dan Quinn


“I do know some missed tackles usually comes down to leverage, and I know those are correctable and fixable.”-Dan Quinn


“Tackling still comes down to leverage and owning that leverage and making your hits.”-Dan Quinn

“Oftentimes, you have to be able to throw it in order to run it.”-Dan Quinn


“Communication isn’t just directing a guy on what to do: it’s passing the information along to the guy that’s next to you, and that’s where we make the calls come to life.”-Dan Quinn


“In our league, it comes right down to the end.”-Dan Quinn


“Adrian Clayborn is somebody that relentlessly brings that attitude, energy, and toughness.”-Dan Quinn


“Part of what we talk about is, toughness is a talent.”-Dan Quinn


“Our central theme is, How good you can get? How hard can I go to see how good you can get?”-Dan Quinn


“Each game we play, every game is a championship-game mindset.”-Dan Quinn

“Every game, we’re going to go for it, so when we get into playoff time, it’s not like, ‘You’ve really got to ratchet it up. You’ve really got to do something different.’ Then what have I been doing the whole time?”-Dan Quinn


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“I think you have to go deep into the bag of tricks, so to speak, to try and slow down the quarterback.”-Dan Quinn


“It’s that preparation that goes into each week. We have a term: ‘Trust your training, trust your teammate, and trust yourself.'”-Dan Quinn


“The term we use on our team is ‘reset’: when you go through, whether it’s a negative play or a negative drive, and you get your next opportunity – not focusing on the past, but going back into your attack mode.”-Dan Quinn


“Sometimes there are some matchups and man-to-mans that you like to match up on.”-Dan Quinn


“As coaches, any work you may do, it’s been done long ago.”-Dan Quinn


“We’re not Seattle East. We’re our own Atlanta, and there are definitely things I learned from Coach Carroll. He had probably the single biggest influence on my coaching career.”-Dan Quinn

“The third-down sacks are critical ones, ’cause that’s getting off the field.”-Dan Quinn


“One of my strengths is connecting with the players.”-Dan Quinn


“For me, trying to connect our team together is so important. I know we’ll play really well when our team gets really tight. So I want to make sure I connect with the players so that I can help them be at their best.”-Dan Quinn


“The most important thing to me is how hard we go after the ball and take care of it.”-Dan Quinn


Greatest Dan Quinn Quotes


“Their practice habits are terrific. I’ve been around some really good guys from different teams in terms of bringing it to practice. When I was in San Francisco, Bryant Young was that way. Every practice on it.”-Dan Quinn


“When you have too much scheme, sometimes it’s hard to work on all the things you have to, and you can make effort the top priority of your game.”-Dan Quinn


“I think different teams have different challenges as you go through.”-Dan Quinn


“I’ve been around some really good guys from different teams.”-Dan Quinn


“At the beginning of the week, when we do our game planning, we look at the opponent and all the unique things they do.”-Dan Quinn

“I don’t second-guess our playcalling or wanting to throw it. Honestly, we’ve got terrific guys. We know how to the matchup. We know how to get open. That part of our game is so intact.”-Dan Quinn


“Forever, we all had a real clear understanding of what Parcells’ teams looked like and played like: tough as hell and didn’t beat themselves.”-Dan Quinn


“I think, No. 1, I still have a long way to go.”-Dan Quinn


“Iron sharpens iron, and that’s one man getting another guy ready to play.”-Dan Quinn


“For me, it was watching the New York Giants growing up, with Bill Parcells and Lawrence Taylor and that whole crew coming up through the ’80s. And then, as I moved on to college, I thought I’d want to coach for sure.”-Dan Quinn


“That attitude and toughness that we want to play with, that, to me, is the most critical thing.”-Dan Quinn


“When you have that connection to say, ‘I’m going to play for something bigger than myself,’ man, you have a chance to do something good.”-Dan Quinn