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Dog Slogans

50+ Famous Dog Slogans, Taglines And Sayings

Famous Dog Slogans:- When coming up with a good dog slogan whether it’s for dog food, dog walking, training, or anything else remotely related it’s good to remember why dogs are so awesome? Man’s best friend is an understatement, dogs are more than our friends that drastically improve our lives. So here are a few reasons.

List of Famous Dog Slogans

A dog in heat needs more than shade!

Adopt a dog, gain a friend.


Adopt me, I’m positively perfect

Adopt me, I’m positively perfect

Adopt me, we both need the love


All dogs go to heaven. Cats watch them leave.


Barking Up The Wrong Tree

Big Dogs, Little Dogs, All Happy Dogs!


Biggest News Since The Bone.


Bow Wowing The Night Away


Dog Gone And Done It


Dogs are helpful, not painful

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Dogs are miracles with paws.


Every Dog Has It’s Day


40+ Amazing Dog Slogans


Everything You Need Under One Woof.

Helping your dog live a fuller life


Live A Happier Life With Your Dog.


Mutts are just as good as purebreds


My dog thinks he’s human… My cat thinks he’s GOD!


No better option than puppy adoption


Nothin like a little hair of the dog to get us going!


Please don’t litter. Neuter your pets!


Prevent a litter, fix your critter!

Punish the deed, not the breed!


Try not to trip on my Weiner.


We have a warm heart for cold noses!


We know about a doggone good time!


Were making Fetch happen


When you let your dog have litters you pay!


You own a dog, but you can only feed a cat.


You can’t buy love, but you can rescue a dog.