Famous Slogans on Clean India in English

SLOGANS ON CLEAN INDIA:-India is a big populated country and we are proud to be its citizens. In this modern world, where globalization is going very fast due to the rapid race for development, everyone has forgotten their duty towards the nation and nature’s beauty.


If we do not maintain cleanliness, whether it is our homes, surrounding areas or a whole nation, we always remain in the fear of various diseases and it also gives rise to different types of social issues such as poverty, inequality, illiteracy, etc.

We need to take this clean India task as a challenge and initiate the process ourselves in order to motivate others and take them together for achieving the goal of the task.


Involving the students in this task is the best way to ensure better achievement of the goal. India is one of the largest democracies of the world and has many interesting historical records that have made it the most envisaged economic center worldwide.




So, it is necessary to maintain cleanliness all throughout the country to uphold its beauty like a golden bird. Regarding this, the biggest cleanliness drive was started by the Indian government called the “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan”.

Here, we have provided some unique, interesting, and useful slogans on Clean India which you (students and social workers) can use for various purposes like spreading awareness among people about the cleanliness drive, in the slogan writing competition, etc.

You can select any clean India slogan according to your need and requirement:

Clean India, Healthy India!


Effort your best to clean India!


Clean India! To get economically developed India.


Come! And Pledge to keep India clean.


If you dream, dream about clean India.


Clean India, disease-free India.


Keep India clean to make it disease-free.


Clean India, Happy India!


Come, join and pledge together to clean India.


Clean India, Developed India!


Be clean to get away from diseases.


Best Swachh Bharat Slogans


Cleanliness is the only solution to stay away from diseases.

Keep India clean to feel proud of being its citizen.


Keep India clean to give it worldwide fame.


Represent yourself with clean India.


Represent yourself as a citizen of clean India.


Be clean and keep India clean.


Our country is our identity, keep it clean.


Our country is our identity; so, keep identity clean.


Pledge to be the citizens of a clean country.


Clean India, Green India!


If India will be clean, it will go green.


Swachh Bharat Abhiyan Slogan


Green India to keep its environment clean.


Clean India; Green India should be our dream India.


Give your clean choice a loud voice to keep India clean.


Keep India clean to let it always green.


Clean India is a choice, make it one voice!


Be keen to be clean.


If ‘unity in diversity’, then; why not! Cleanliness in India even after diversity.


Support green India for environmentally clean India!

Pledge for cleanliness to show your keenness to clean India!


Cleanliness is only possible if you are keen to clean India!


Slogans On Green India


Come On! Indians, it’s time to welcome clean India.


If you are keen to clean, you can dream of clean India.


If you are keen to clean, just dream of clean India.


You must be clean to bring cleanliness in India.


Be the first for the clean India must.


Go green to get India clean.


Stay green to be clean!

Clean and green is a perfect dream.


India is your identity, keep your identity clean!


Use dustbin to keep India clean.


Do not fight; it’s our duty to maintain India’s beauty.


Don’t waste time; just follow your duty to maintain India’s beauty.