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Famous Slogans on Mothers

SLOGANS ON MOTHER:- A mother is the most important person in everyone’s life. She is like an eye viewed God on the earth sent by God to give birth, nourish and help kids into successful adults. No one on the earth can compare the responsibilities of a mother. She has a high level of energy and patience and is the busiest person in the world. Actually, it is true that we cannot express her limitless contribution to our life. She is the most influential person in our life who always inspires and motivates and never discourages us. She is the one who always remains with us in our all good or bad times.


We have provided here some effective and inspiring slogans on mother which you can use on events like mother’s day, mother’s birthday, etc events related to mother. Make your mother realize her aimless and precious contributions in your life by using any effective mother slogan given below. Following slogans on mother can be used by the students on related events to make people aware of the importance of a mother. You can choose any mother slogan according to your need and requirement:




A mother is like time, always runs 24 hrs for every moment and second.


It is a mother who starts working before sunrise and continues after sunset till night.

It is a mother who doesn’t have any fixed time for rest and sleep.


Mother works for 24 hrs even they never counted as working.


East is east, west is west but moms are best.


A mother has a kind and beautiful heart.


It is the mother who never left us alone.


Mothers always bless us and never curse.


No one is there to compare with mother.


Mothers are like flowers who themselves bloom to give happiness to others.


One-Line Mother Slogans In English


A mother is the best teacher in our life.

No one can be a best friend like a mom.


It is good fortune to have moms.


God cannot help us all the time that’s why He made mothers.


Moms are iron ladies on the earth.


A mother can do anything for her kids.


Motherhood is the topmost job a woman performs.


Moms are very cool and they never make us fool.

Mothers are miracles and beautiful angels.


Slogans In English Happy Mothers Day


Moms are rock and run like a clock.


Mothers are like a candle who melt themselves to enlighten our life.


No one can replace the mother in this world.


Mothers are not housewives; they are all-time working women.


It is a mother’s heart full of only love and care.


Mothers are intelligent and philosophers.


A mother’s hug treats our all problems.


A mother always dreams to see her children reach the top.

A mother’s hug is the best medicine.


A person having a mother can never be poor.


Mothers are a special gift from God!


Only a mother knows what her child needs.


Slogans On Mothers Love


A mother gets tired but still, she smiles.


It is mothers who spend many sleepless nights for us.


A mother is a symbol of true love and relationship.


God really hears mother’s all prayers.


A mother always smiles like a flower and never becomes hopeless.


A mother is a full-time working woman with the highest salaried job in the world.


Mothers hold our hands forever and motivate us.


Mom’s hug is the best medicine in the world.


Nothing is to compare with mother’s precious services.


A mother is a bank of never-ending love and care for her kids.


A mother is like a root of a plant which takes less but gives more always.


Small Slogans On Mothers Day


My mother is my best guide.


A mother is the strongest person in the world.


A mother is a real heroine in our life.


A mom is the first pretty girl in our life.


A mother motivates us to see dreams with open eyes and fulfill those.


Being a mother is tough as a mother sacrifices her many dreams.


Mother’s love is real love in the world.


No one is there to love and care like a mom.