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Brie Larson Quotes

Motivational Brie Larson Quotes and Sayings

Brie Larson Quotes:- Brie Larson (born October 1, 1989) is an American actress and filmmaker. Noted for her supporting work in comedies when a teenager, she has since expanded to leading roles in independent dramas and film franchises, receiving such accolades as an Academy Award and a Golden Globe. Time magazine named her one of the 100 most influential people in the world in 2019.

Inspirational Brie Larson Quotes

“My dream was always to have a stamp. I feel like people who have a stamp really did something. They really did some acts of service.”-Brie Larson

Inspirational Brie Larson Quotes

“I think it starts to feel really redundant when you start to do something the same way over and over again. I don’t think it’s good to become so dependent on a certain writing process.”-Brie Larson


“When it comes to Nintendo products, I gotta go with the new stuff.”-Brie Larson


“I was the type of person that would show a PowerPoint presentation about why I should do something versus crying and screaming over it.”-Brie Larson

“We have to choose every day to be active participants. To wake up in the morning and choose this life and make something of it is an incredible thing. Not many living creatures have that option. We have so many opportunities and options – it’s a huge burden, but it’s also the most freeing part of our lives.”-Brie Larson


“I’ve become more comfortable as time has gone on with saying goodbye because… I’ve been having so many conversations about the cyclical nature of life. It just keeps going.”-Brie Larson


“It takes a lot of time and a lot of energy and a lot of focus and dedication to doing a film, and it’s just not worth it if you’re going to be miserable for even a day.”-Brie Larson


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“For some reason, chewing gum for me gets my brain going.”-Brie Larson


“The cool thing about designers is they have very specific points of view, and because my inspiration is always changing, it’s easy to go, ‘This feels right.’ But just because I wear fancy dresses on weekends doesn’t mean in my heart of hearts I’m not jeans and T-shirt person.”-Brie Larson

“I think it is the fact that I want to quit that keeps me going. It’s very complicated. But I think part of this whole exploration with every job that I do is, in terms of overcoming fear and by overcoming the fear, I feel so much more complete, and I learn something new about myself.”-Brie Larson


“I’m kind of a morbid person. I’m very optimistic, but I also feel like I’m going to die at any moment. I feel very much aware of my mortality. I’m here, and then I’m not.”-Brie Larson


“It’s really hard to see yourself and to recognize that you are a human being like everybody else. You just think everybody’s judging you.”-Brie Larson


“I can be whoever I want. I can feel however I want.”-Brie Larson


“If you’re in somebody’s head for 12 hours a day for four weeks, it’s like your brain actually wires itself to start thinking that way.”-Brie Larson


Famous Brie Larson Quotes And Sayings


“More and more, my life is going in a direction that is not universal; there’s only a very small group of people who understand.”-Brie Larson

“I can’t tell you how many times I quit only to realize that when the work has been your life, you don’t really have a life without it.”-Brie Larson


“I was 3 when I told my mom that I knew what my dharma was and that I wanted to be an actor.”-Brie Larson


“Everything is changing all the time, and I’m not going to stress out and spend my entire time chasing something that ultimately doesn’t exist.”-Brie Larson


“It can get really messy inside my head, and it’s usually just because everybody can get really self-centered at some point. And so what usually keeps me from quitting is that my reasons for quitting are just lame. I wouldn’t want anybody else to talk to myself the way that I talk to myself.”-Brie Larson


“Girls in this industry sabotage one another.”-Brie Larson


“I’m learning with the older that I get that some feelings are just universal and that I’m not the only one who hates their hair or their life at times.”-Brie Larson


“I’m so used to swimming with the piranhas. And they’re really not that bad.”-Brie Larson

“I didn’t go to prom – I was homeschooled.”-Brie Larson


“Singing is an incredible expression and something that is important to me, but where I feel comfortable with how much I reveal about myself is acting. I enjoy the characters, the costumes, the wigs and just being a chameleon.”-Brie Larson


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“Whenever you want something that you’re not going to get, suddenly the whiney 3-year-old comes out in you.”-Brie Larson


“I know how to have a conversation, but I’ve never done improv. I’ve never taken improv classes.”-Brie Larson


“I have a sister and her name is Mimsy, like from ‘Alice in Wonderland,’ so we’ve got some strange names in our family.”-Brie Larson


“It’s very scary to allow the world to see you.”-Brie Larson


“I remembered moving from Sacramento to Los Angeles with my mum when I was seven and my sister was three or four.”-Brie Larson


“Sometimes you never fully understand why you are attracted to a project until you get deeper into it.”-Brie Larson


“I don’t really have any people in my life who aren’t gypsies.”-Brie Larson


“There isn’t anyone in my life who is going to get upset about how much traveling I have to do or whether or not I’m available for drinks that night.”-Brie Larson


“I’m just a person. I’m not anything!”-Brie Larson


“When I was seven, I had been very vocal about wanting to be an actor. And my mom decided that we would try it out for a couple of weeks and come to L.A. from Sacramento.”-Brie Larson


Brie Larson Quotes About Movies


“I can’t help but trip out about how similar my life is to ‘Room.’ It’s me wanting to stay in my own little bubble and remain anonymous and invisible and at the same time needing to step up to this hand that I’ve been given.”-Brie Larson


“In this industry, where things change so quickly, I’ve found that having no expectations is the happiest way to go.”-Brie Larson


“Each step of the way, I’m learning. When I leave an interview, I learn whether I feel, ‘Oh, that was nice,’ or that made me feel like a little piece of me was taken.”-Brie Larson


“I have no problem talking about how hard it’s been, how broke I’ve been, and how broke I was not even that long ago.”-Brie Larson


“I know what my dharma is: I’m supposed to be an actor.”-Brie Larson


“To find the courage to do what I want to do for myself has been hard.”-Brie Larson


“I’m not a gourmet. I just like the planet.”-Brie Larson


“I’m just not in a place in my life where I worry about something unnecessarily.”-Brie Larson


“The entire process of making a movie is sort of blind trust because, otherwise, all of it just doesn’t make any sense: the fact that we can create any sense of reality or emotion given the arbitrariness of a day.”-Brie Larson


“A big producer offered me the part of the pretty girl that waits at home for the guy, and I couldn’t do it. That’s not a story I ever want to tell.”-Brie Larson


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“The thing I was always most protective of was my mystery. I worried that if I gave too much of myself, then I would limit the characters I could fall into.”-Brie Larson


“You could put me on a stage in front of 100 people, and I could do a tap dance, but one-on-one was really difficult for me. And it took me most of my life to learn how to work with that anxiety, to embrace and be comfortable with it.”-Brie Larson


“I had collages in my bedroom when I was a teenager.”-Brie Larson


“As I have had to meet different challenges, I realize I am coming into myself, and whatever I’m wearing is another chance for me to explore a new version of myself.”-Brie Larson


“I hope to direct at some point, but I don’t feel the pressure to rush it. I want to really know what it is that I’m doing.”-Brie Larson


“Who would I be in ‘Game of Thrones?’ I love Brienne.”-Brie Larson


“I’m trying to find new ways to entertain myself because, if my whole world is doing interviews, I might as well put them in places I’ve wanted to see.”-Brie Larson


“My parents called me the WB frog. Because when I was on stage, I would do this whole song and dance, but if my parents had a family friend over, I would just go hide in the bedroom.”-Brie Larson


“I love exploring the characters that I play, but the reason I sign on for something isn’t the details of the story but the universal message.”-Brie Larson


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“For the most part, I’ve stayed as far away as possible from high school movies. I just don’t find them to be that relatable to everybody? They become like this: ‘Look at that period of time. Isn’t that interesting?”-Brie Larson


“As much as I love acting, I just want to be a healthy person.”-Brie Larson


“The idea of singing and dancing throughout my life and finding that bliss is something I wanted to express and explore within myself and hopefully spread that idea to other people.”-Brie Larson


“For me, ‘Room’ is an opportunity to relive an aspect of my childhood that I hadn’t put a ton of thought into.”-Brie Larson


“My number-one website is It opens you up to different authors and gives insights into the literary world. Reading about the love letters novelist Vladimir Nabokov wrote to his wife Vera blew my mind. Fascinating.”-Brie Larson


“I’d say there’s more of a difference between a play and movie to TV than there is between TV and movies. But there’s something involved in the repetition of things that require something different from me in order to sign onto a script.”-Brie Larson


“I’m always interested in whatever I can do to not look at my phone.”-Brie Larson


“When I was younger, watching movies, it felt like everything was glossy and beautiful, and I didn’t really relate to it.”-Brie Larson


“When you eliminate all stimuli, your brain is like, ‘Finally, we’ve got some space! I want to talk to you about something!'”-Brie Larson


“I didn’t realize how hard it was to be a mom and keep it all together.”-Brie Larson


Motivational Brie Larson Quotes And Sayings


“As an adult, there are technical aspects of filmmaking you understand, like having to pick up a cup on the same line every time.”-Brie Larson


“I didn’t want to just watch a woman who was getting it right all the time. We’re not perfect.”-Brie Larson


“Growing up, I just loved movies. It was how I saw the world, which I wanted to learn more about.”-Brie Larson


I have a lot of different influences. Everything from Maroon 5, Gwen Stefani, The Clash, Kanye West – just a lot of different artists.”-Brie Larson


“Short Term 12′ was such a marathon. It’s like trying to convey the same emotional depth as ‘The Gambler’ but with less time and a fingernail’s worth of the budget.”-Brie Larson


“Your brain is so lovely and so willing to please. It wants to help so much.”-Brie Larson


“I’ve been so impressed by the material that’s been sent to me, but I don’t think that’s because it’s me.”-Brie Larson


“I started acting in second grade – my first role was in the Thanksgiving play. I was the Indian chasing the turkey. All the other mom’s encouraged my mom to get me into acting after that. Also, when I saw ‘The Sound of Music’ at Music Circus, I knew I wanted to act.”-Brie Larson


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“I like working, I just don’t like to get involved in the competitiveness of it.”-Brie Larson


“We don’t have to live in a world where everyone reacts perfectly the first time around, and if you don’t, everything falls apart, and no one speaks to you ever again.”-Brie Larson


“If I had my way, I would never do a leading role.”-Brie Larson


“I think if a movie makes you cry, you probably needed to cry.”-Brie Larson


“We all enjoy a magic show, but we don’t demand a Q&A afterward explaining how it was done.”-Brie Larson


“I love Grimes.”-Brie Larson


“I get uncomfortable and kind of scared sometimes of certain public situations because, since I’ve been on TV or I’ve appeared in some films, people think this boundary between us has been removed, and I owe them something.”-Brie Larson


“I was born in Sacramento but moved to Los Angeles with my mom and my little sister when I was seven.”-Brie Larson


“I think I was always a little sponge as a kid, and I was always looking for more information constantly.”-Brie Larson


“Any movie I’ve done, my character has had a secret. Whether it’s in the movie or not, it is usually never and it’s usually not something I tell anybody. It is for me.”-Brie Larson


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“I think seeing the love between a mother and child is something we can all really relate to. You can remember it from your own childhood perspective.”-Brie Larson


“We’re coming into a new generation of women where there’s the submissive woman, and then our reaction to it is, ‘No, I’m a man, too, and I’m masculine,’ and then we fight against it, which isn’t the answer, either.”-Brie Larson


“I’m pretty tough and picky when it comes to actors that I admire.”-Brie Larson


“Any time I was at Trader Joes, and the person bagging my stuff would be like, ‘Did I go to college with you? How do I know you?’ Then it took a while, and suddenly people were like, ‘Oh, you are the girl from ‘United States of Tara.”-Brie Larson


“I would never say no to comedy.”-Brie Larson


“The thing that I love about moviemaking is how many people it takes to make it.”-Brie Larson


“I’m not sure what it means fully to be a parent.”-Brie Larson


“Acting isn’t like being an athlete. There’s no real quantifiable measure. It’s just a bunch of people feeling things.”-Brie Larson


“I look at something like ‘Short Term 12,’ and that character has a lot of pain, and I wouldn’t have known how to portray that if I hadn’t experienced pain myself.”-Brie Larson


“I always felt like reality was a bizarre place, and everybody was really good at being normal, and I didn’t know how to do it.”-Brie Larson


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“Through film, I realized that was a safe place for me to play. It was a safe place for me to express myself and explore these things that I was afraid to explore in real life.”-Brie Larson


“I’m just trying to enjoy the fact that I have gained some respect from some people whom I respect.”-Brie Larson


“I used to dislike it, but now I like it more and more, feeling small. I like feeling like a little speck.”-Brie Larson


“The point to having a child is to introduce them to this planet that is in some ways dying and hopefully, this new generation, these new untainted brains, will be the people to fix some of these things that this generation can’t.”-Brie Larson


“I guess I was always an outsider and some kind of anarchist.”-Brie Larson


“The only way I can feel comfortable being an actor is if I can find stories that I believe are important to be shared.”-Brie Larson


“I think it’s always the moments that are the trials that end up making you become a hero in the end. You’re not a hero unless you’ve gone through the trials. And it makes these moments so much sweeter, so much better. I don’t believe in ‘deserved,’ but I might believe in ‘earned.'”-Brie Larson


“Even the news, to me, or newspapers, I have a hard time getting into it because it all sucks you into this negative, bad, there-is-no-hope side of it.”-Brie Larson


“I found I could perform in front of 200 people, but I would still feel nervous having a one-on-one conversation.”-Brie Larson