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James Franco Quotes

Motivational James Franco Quotes and Sayings

James Franco Quotes:- James Franco (born April 19, 1978) is an American actor, filmmaker, and academic. For his role in 127 Hours (2010), he was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actor. Franco is known for his roles in live-action films.

Inspirational James Franco Quotes

“I needed an outlet in high school and came across a painting. I’ve actually been painting longer than I’ve been acting. A movie is a collaborative effort, and with a painting you just have yourself.”-James Franco


“When I sign on for a project, I’m there to give the director all the material he or she might need to tell their story, and that’s the number one priority.”-James Franco


“I love to bring humor into my work. Because comedy is not a huge part of the art world. And the big-business film takes itself very seriously.”-James Franco

“Reviews about film acting are very… tricky because movies are such a collaborative thing.”-James Franco


“If the work is good, what does it matter? I’m doing it because I love it. Why not do as many things I love as I can? As long as the work is good.”-James Franco


“My job is what I love. I don’t need an escape from it.”-James Franco


“I don’t even like to sleep – I feel as if there’s too much to do.”-James Franco


“It feels really sad, to me, to go to a dark bedroom. It’s like surrendering to the night or something.”-James Franco


“I am not going to be the guy who’s not pulling his weight.”-James Franco


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“But I don’t want to die! I have so much to do!”-James Franco

“I don’t like sleeping in a bed.”-James Franco


“One of the things I’ve learned as a filmmaker is to have some aspect of the movie be something that I admire greatly, whether that’s an actor I’m working with, the subject matter, or a book.”-James Franco


“I worked the drive-through at McDonald’s and tried out different accents – Italian, Russian, Irish.”-James Franco


“There’s a tendency, when you’re directing yourself, not to give the performance as much care, because you feel like there’s too much focus on yourself, or that all these people are just standing around setting everything up, waiting for you.”-James Franco


“I still don’t like going to bed alone.”-James Franco


“I guess the gallery that I bought it from thought I would like it because the young guy kind of looked like James Dean.”-James Franco

“Not having any real direction, one writer would lead me to another.”-James Franco


“I become a kind of obsessive about research.”-James Franco


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“I was kind of scared of failing at acting.”-James Franco


“When I research a role it does get a little crazy and maybe even a little stupid.”-James Franco


“I’m a big cardigan sweater guy.”-James Franco


“My style is casual-chic? Casual-messy?”-James Franco


“It’s hard when you’re doing a film based on a true story to really figure out what all those relationships were.”-James Franco


“The general view is that actors start on soaps and then maybe graduate to prime-time television or film; normally you don’t see a film actor going to do a soap.”-James Franco


“I’m starting to teach now: I teach in the graduate film program at NYU and next year I’m going to be teaching at Los Angeles at the film program and English program at UCLA.”-James Franco

“If I’m working on a film, I’ll do sit-ups before I shoot. Like, 100 in the morning or something.”-James Franco


“I get like six or so hours of sleep a night.”-James Franco


“You work really hard to make it, and maybe you get some acclaim, but then you realize there are certain limitations as an actor.”-James Franco


“I’m a huge Cormac McCarthy fan and have read every book of his.”-James Franco


“I don’t need a vacation in the traditional sense like I would if I had a job I hated.”-James Franco


Famous James Franco Quotes & Sayings


“There are these invisible roadblocks to gain entree to these areas for actors, and you kind of have to crash through those invisible barriers.”-James Franco


“I’m going to try to not let anyone put me in a box, and that certainly applies to the things I do outside of acting.”-James Franco


“I used to read a lot about myself and the projects I was doing. When I was only acting, I wouldn’t read any reviews because I didn’t find them to be very helpful.”-James Franco


“They are mediated through the work of so many other people: the director directs, the lighter sets the scene, the editors edit, the music gets put to it.”-James Franco


James Franco Quotes About Friends


“In the end, I do have a group of friends and teachers whose opinions I respect, and so I guess I just have to be content with their feedback.”-James Franco


“I overstepped my bounds, I tried to control things that were out of my purview as an actor and in some cases even tried to direct my scenes because I felt I knew how they should run rather than trust the director.”-James Franco


“I might have to stumble a little bit more in public than others, but that’s fine, I don’t mind, I’ve developed a thick skin.”-James Franco


“When I started writing after my career as an actor, I knew that that other life in the film industry would be pulled into my writing life and that people would see me not as an author but as an actor starting to write.”-James Franco


“I guess what I enjoy most is directing because it incorporates all aspects of filmmaking. Directing is in the same line as acting – both are popularity contests, and in both, you’re trying to tell a story through the film as a medium.”-James Franco


“Directing, editing and everything about filmmaking has definitely changed me as an actor.”-James Franco