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Salman Khan Quotes

Motivational Salman Khan Quotes and Sayings

Salman Khan Quotes:- Abdul Rashid Salim Salman Khan (born 27 December 1965) is an Indian film actor, producer, occasional singer, and television personality.

In a film career spanning over thirty years, Khan has received numerous awards, including two National Film Awards as a film producer, and two Filmfare Awards for acting.

He has a significant following in Asia and the Indian diaspora worldwide,[better source needed] and is cited in the media as one of the most commercially successful actors of both world and Indian cinema.

Inspirational Salman Khan Quotes

“All fashion brands are about looking good. Being Human is also about doing good. And you can do good by the simple act of slipping into a t-shirt or a pair of jeans.”-Salman Khan

Inspirational Salman Khan Quotes

“A lion runs the fastest when he is hungry.”-Salman Khan


“Style is something very individual, very personal, and in their own unique way, I believe everyone is stylish.”-Salman Khan


“The older you get, the better you have to look, the higher you have to kick, the harder you have to work.”-Salman Khan


“Why should I marry? One marries to have children, but I already have children! My nieces and nephews are my children.”-Salman Khan


“In life go straight and turn right.”-Salman Khan


“I’m not possessive, I’m caring… Once you realize a person doesn’t want that much care, you automatically back off.”-Salman Khan


“I don’t have to show that I am working very hard.”-Salman Khan


“Any film is about heroism: the triumph of good over evil. If you look back at my films, you will see that as a recurring theme.”-Salman Khan


“For me, acting comes straight from the heart. In that sense, I don’t act at all. I think that to feel the character’s pain I have to be myself. Somewhere audiences see that.”-Salman Khan


“Sometimes I feel I hope I am not taking advantage of my stardom.”-Salman Khan


“I guess I don’t take my stardom too seriously. I think I am one of the guys.”-Salman Khan


Famous Salman Khan Quotes & Sayings


“There are actors who can pull off a writer’s lines; I am not competent enough to do that.”-Salman Khan


“Cinema should always be in touch with the soil of the country. My films celebrate the heartland of India.”-Salman Khan


“I work with brands that I personally connect with or personal use. For example, I was already driving the Suzuki Hayabusa long before I started endorsing Suzuki.”-Salman Khan


“I don’t go out anywhere. I don’t go to nightclubs, so meeting somebody in the nightclub is out of the question.”-Salman Khan


“With every film, I try and give the audiences a little more than the previous film in terms of comedy, action, drama and so on.”-Salman Khan


Best Salman Khan Quotes 


“I had just 15 days to work on my body for the climactic fight of ‘Bodyguard.’ And I would work on every muscle of my body two/three times a week. I would have developed a superb body if I had three months, but squeezing it into 15 days can be harmful. Also, as you grow older, your metabolic rate slows down.”-Salman Khan


“It feels nice to be loved, but let me tell you there are 10 times better looking, stylish and talented guys than me. So there’s no solid reason for me to be proud! I don’t think I have done anything extraordinary to change people’s lives.”-Salman Khan


“People in the film industry always want to save for a rainy day. Many early actors died in small houses with no money, and so they are insecure. My advantage is I don’t value money that much. It’s an easy thing for me to let go.”-Salman Khan


“I no longer do a film for the wrong reasons. I have to be convinced ethically and morally. Both the director and I have to be on the same page. There are just five songs in most films these days, and they have to be amazing. There has to be a twist in the screenplay. The editing has to be crisp. Your hard work should show, but effortlessly.”-Salman Khan


“I was close to getting married a long time ago. But it didn’t happen, and since then it has not been happening. It is jinxed, and I am very happy. I hope this jinx continues.”-Salman Khan