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Slogans On Children’s Day

50+ Famous Slogans On Children’s Day

Best Slogans On Children’s Day:We praise children’s Day in India on fourteenth November on the birth anniversary of the first Prime Minister of India-Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru, Or they gave To Chacha Nehru ‘ to them by children from all over India.

Nehru believed the prosperity and development of a nation depend on the fact we give his children love and support today. This is the reason he shared a profound relationship with the children of India irrespective of their ethnicity, religion, and beliefs.

There had been numerous incidents amid his residency as the Prime Minister when he had attempted to just to meet the children who were a piece of the group.

Slogans On Children’s Day In English

“What a paper says in a thousand words; a motto communicates in a solitary line.”

We have given beneath Slogans to Children’s Day to inspire children and furthermore to pass on a message to the seniors of the society; a message it is in their hands the eventual fate of the children of today and the nation of tomorrow lies.

Slogans On Children’s Day In English

The manner in which we treat our children today will shape the eventual fate of the nation tomorrow. Spread the news among family and companions by methods for these mottos and be the forbearer of a positive change.

I trust you will like these Children’s Day Slogans:


Best And Catchy Slogans On Children’s Day


I stand for Children’s Rights


It blesses children with god


resemble flowers Children


Children are the keys to paradise

Slogans On Children’s Day In English

A child miseducated is a child lost


Children make your life critical


The child is a dad to the man


Genius is sorrow’s child


The country’s quality of tomorrow relies upon its youngsters’ condition of today!

Slogans On Children’s Day In English

Its solid and happy child resembles a sound and happy nation!


A youngster cherished today will spread the affection tomorrow!


Slogans on Children’s Day


Supporting a child resembles forming earth; all they require is love, care and lots of play!

The promise of being decent for every child he meets; One day, make history with this simple task !!


Children are the eventual fate of a nation; they are the ones who will keep it in motion!


All around loved and taught children will transform into gold; when we develop old!!


How we show our children today; they will take the nation in the same way tomorrow!


No child should head to sleep eager and crying; these are the symptoms of a nation biting the dust!!


These children’s day guarantee you won’t turn your back when you see a child in distress!


In the event that a child need not ask or gain; only he can be a happy grown-up tomorrow!!


Children are a nation’s most significant assets!


Tomorrow when we won’t be there, our children of today will construct the nation!!


You give it a second thought and support a child today; he will grow up to mind and support the nation tomorrow!


On the off chance that someone loves today; That he will grow up and love the country tomorrow!


Children will overlook what you said however recall how you said it! Be decent to them!!


In the event that a single child has to sleep out and about; we still haven’t made it say it uproarious and intense!!


While you spoil your child with sweets; consider the children who harp on the streets!!


We have done much for us still leave however much; we won’t rest until the point when the last child gets the best!!

Slogans on Children’s Day in English


Many go to school yet many still get rags; in the event that we could just change those rags with school bags!!


A denied and sad childhood resembles an injured and debasing nation!!


Children’s Day Out There Children Come First!


What is a home without children? Calm


Remember the things you enjoyed your life just like a child


Never pass up on an opportunity to tell your kid, “I LOVE you”


We are your expectation


We are your future


Praise a Kid Today


Adults are just obsolete children!


Children figure out how to smile from their parents


There is a splendid child bolted inside each student


The child must understand the wonders of a child


The first happiness of a child to realize that us loves him

Children’s Day Slogans


I am enamored with children–aside from boys


A child is a wavy dimpled crazy person. Happy Children’s Day!


Children are living jewels dropped unsustained from paradise.


Children find everything in nothing; men discover nothing in all things


A child can make inquiries that a shrewd man can’t reply


Hugs can do extraordinary amounts of good for children


A child is a wavy dimpled insane person. Happy Children’s Day


Give a little love to a child and you will recover a lot


The main thing worth stealing is a kiss from a sleeping child


Our children change us. regardless of whether they live.


Children are the hands by which we grab hold of paradise.


It is easier to assemble strong children than to fix broken men.


We’ve had misfortune with our kids—they’ve all adult


Children, there are no words depict that you are so uncommon to us.


A child seldom needs decent verbal blistering as a decent listening to.


Children are our most significant common resource


Children are the stays that hold a mother to live.


Living with the children changes the soul. Happy Children’s Day


Children have more need of models than of faultfinders. Happy Children’s Day


The best method to make children great is to satisfy them. Happy Children’s Day


A characteristic of the ordinary child is he doesn’t act that way. – Happy Children’s Day

Children’s Day Sayings


There can be no quicker disclosure of a society’s soul than the manner by which it treats its children.


There are things, a man can’t purchase and one such thing is our childhood.


Always kiss your children goodnight, regardless of whether they’re as of now asleep.


Kids go where there is energy, they stay where there is love.


Every day of our lives we make deposits in the memory of our children.


I lean toward harmony. Yet, on the off chance that inconvenience must come, let it come in my time so that my children can live in harmony.


Make it a standard never to give a child a book you would not peruse yourself.


Children are the picture of God Let’s praise the spirit of childhood on this International Children’s Day!


There are things, cash can’t get, one such thing is our childhood, appreciate the spirit of children’s day.