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Timothy Morton Quotes

Motivational Timothy Morton Quotes And Sayings

Timothy Morton Quotes:- Timothy Morton (born 19 June 1968) is a professor and Rita Shea Guffey Chair in English at Rice University. A member of the object-oriented philosophy movement, Morton’s work explores the intersection of object-oriented thought and ecological studies.


Inspirational Timothy Morton Quotes


“It truly seems to me that there is some kind of shift happening towards ecological awareness – not just in terms of PR for science.”-Timothy Morton

Inspirational Timothy Morton Quotes

“The waste products in Earth’s crust are also the human in this expanded, spectral sense. One’s garbage doesn’t go ‘away’ – it just goes somewhere else.”-Timothy Morton


“Losing a fantasy is much harder than losing a reality.”-Timothy Morton


“When you make or study art, you are not exploring some kind of candy on the surface of a machine. You are making or studying causality.”-Timothy Morton


“One advantage of arguing that causality is aesthetic is that it allows us to consider what we call consciousness alongside what we call things.”-Timothy Morton


“Humans can no longer ignore nonhumans: they end up haunting the words we use and interrupting everyday talk.”-Timothy Morton

“The trouble with ecological invocations of Nature is that they’re like calling for a medieval tool, perhaps a portcullis or an arrow slit, to fix a modern problem.”-Timothy Morton


“Invoking Nature always measures the distance we have yet to travel to achieve real progress on environmental issues.”-Timothy Morton


“Nature was developed to resist the onslaughts of capitalism, but it’s really not a very good defense – rather like resisting a steamroller with a Christmas tree ornament.”-Timothy Morton


Famous Timothy Morton Quotes


“Aesthetic experiences are powerful, to be sure, and probably inescapable, but Nature will not remain effective for very long.”-Timothy Morton


“I’m not unhappy with the idea of appealing to people’s self-interest if that’s what makes them understand something about the non-human world.”-Timothy Morton

“Trivially speaking, ecological awareness means realizing that beings are interconnected in some way, but then we have to figure out what this interconnection actually means.”-Timothy Morton


“Symbiosis can fail in various different ways: if there are too many stomach bacteria in my stomach, I might have some problems. If there’s too little, I might have some problems. There’s a sort of dynamic system there.”-Timothy Morton


“Since when did scientific evidence become a reason to shy away from ecological action just because it wasn’t popular?”-Timothy Morton


“Our ecological emergency demands proactive choices, not reactive sideswipes.”-Timothy Morton


“The noises Russia makes on the world stage are deeply misogynist, homophobic and racist.”-Timothy Morton


“American voting districts are, across a lot of the country, deeply messed up by having been gerrymandered by right-wing politicians.”-Timothy Morton


“It’s very important that we keep our imagination, which is our capacity to open the future, awake at a time at which the urge to collapse into the fetal position is high.”-Timothy Morton

“Unfortunately, there are some ecological phenomenological chemicals within consumerism.”-Timothy Morton


Hyperobjects Quotes by Timothy Morton


“You don’t eat a painting of an apple; you don’t find it morally good. Instead, it tells you something strange about apples in themselves.”-Timothy Morton


“Beauty doesn’t have to be in accord with prefabricated concepts of ‘pretty.'”-Timothy Morton


“Kant described beauty as a feeling of ungraspability: this is why the beauty experience is beyond concept.”-Timothy Morton


“I love folding laundry.”-Timothy Morton


“Since appearance can’t be peeled decisively from the reality of a thing, attunement is a living, dynamic relation with another being.”-Timothy Morton


“The present is haunted by the X-present. I call this manifold of present and X-present ‘nowness’: a shifting, haunted region like evaporating mist; a region can’t be tied to a specific timescale.”-Timothy Morton


“‘Nowness’ is a dynamic relationship between the past and the future.”-Timothy Morton


“The belief that ‘animals’ are superior or inferior to humans because they live in an eternal now is untrue, because no being lives in a now.”-Timothy Morton

“Everything is a railway junction where past and future are sliding over one another, not touching.”-Timothy Morton


“I’ve managed to persuade Yoko Ono to put some of her work in my Penguin book!”-Timothy Morton


“We’re all human beings, in the end, despite our differences.”-Timothy Morton


Best Timothy Morton Quotes And Sayings


“Pollution is everywhere, in that ancient Greek sense of miasma: guilt experienced as abject body fluid, moral pollution defining what kinds of beings count in social space.”-Timothy Morton


“I grew up in a haunting postindustrial landscape where prehistoric ferns grew among tens of railway tracks surmounted by brilliant arc lights where birds nested and sang in the dead of night because, for them, it was a day.”-Timothy Morton


“I’m the absolute worst at getting jobs, ever. I had 100 rejections before I landed one. I kept all the letters in a folder until I realized I could just chuck them away.”-Timothy Morton


“A job letter, an interview – even a writing sample – have far less to do with intellect and far more to do with aesthetics than you think.”-Timothy Morton


“Always say less than you think you need. Inject some space into the conversation.”-Timothy Morton


“If you’re applying for jobs, get a suit now, whether or not you get an interview. Spend as much as you can on it without breaking the bank. It will do you some good.”-Timothy Morton

“Applying for a job after finishing a Ph.D. is about turning yourself inside out. You’ve been involved in the most introverted process you’ve ever done, and now you have to show yourself to the world at large.”-Timothy Morton


“Spending some money on you who is going to get a job is essential.”-Timothy Morton


“I try to have little or no alcohol when I go to a big conference. Sorry to be a party pooper, but that stuff can regress you really fast, and this is not a good place to regress.”-Timothy Morton


Best Timothy Morton Quotes About Nature


“If you’re facing rejection right now, it’s very important to realize, especially in a down market, that it’s not personal. Really. Truly. The indifference of the system is also crushing. But perhaps it’s better than thinking that someone was out to get you.”-Timothy Morton


“The Left is correctly wary of talk about nonhumans in the key of Nature and its spiritual partner, humanity.”-Timothy Morton


“I so totally refuse to ‘make an effort to understand’ the people who have become vectors for a fascist spectacular politics.”-Timothy Morton


“I always knew Andy Hageman would publish incredible eco stuff.”-Timothy Morton


“In the end, a lifeform is always a hybrid, a being endowed with some X-power such as being able to breathe for a few seconds out of water. That’s how evolution works. Spectrally. We are all mermaids.”-Timothy Morton


“When I make music, I often sound better singing as a woman, go figure, so I like to tweak the format and pitch and suchlike of my recorded voice. Sounds better.”-Timothy Morton


“An adjective, such as ‘flimsy,’ describes someone’s access to a thing, such as ‘argument.’ But that’s just that someone’s access. It may be accurate. But it’s theirs nevertheless.”-Timothy Morton


“Does anyone recall hippies designing things for Generation X? Does anyone recall the elegance of that? How design was about making things simpler?”-Timothy Morton


“It’s easier to be Eric Idle than to be Paul McCartney.”-Timothy Morton


“It’s easier to be the art school band than to be the Beatles.”-Timothy Morton


Top Timothy Morton Quotes And Sayings


“If you’ve read ‘Dark Ecology,’ you’ll know there’s a whole thing about cats in it, more than once.”-Timothy Morton


“If you have suffered from trauma, one of the most healing things that can happen to you is being seen. Being seen doesn’t have to mean that someone actually lays their eyes on you, although that certainly helps.”-Timothy Morton


“An environment is precisely something one is unable to point to yet is strangely there nonetheless.”-Timothy Morton


“I love David Bohm. I started to get into speculative realism because I started reading his work.”-Timothy Morton


“Before there was Bjork, there was Prince. That’s a very simple encapsulation of my personal pop life.”-Timothy Morton


“There is no essence, but there is a flux that is more real than any instance of the flux, such as a milk bottle or a tiger.”-Timothy Morton


“Reductionism and elimination make one feel clever, but what happens when the meditator drops her fixation on feeling clever?”-Timothy Morton