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Allen Iverson Quotes

Motivational Allen Iverson Quotes And Sayings

Allen Iverson Quotes:- Allen Iverson (born June 7, 1975) is an American former professional basketball player. He played 14 seasons in the National Basketball Association (NBA) at both the shooting guard and point guard positions.


Inspirational Allen Iverson Quotes


“When you lose, there is a whole bunch of room for negativity and I don’t feed into this stuff and I do not do any talking. I don’t run my mouth.”-Allen Iverson

Inspirational Allen Iverson Quotes

“I believe that whatever we have, regardless of a trade being done or not, I feel we have a shot. I’ve just got to believe that we’re going to be all right. I’ve got to just play basketball.”-Allen Iverson


“We should because when coaches get fired, the players have a lot to do with it.”-Allen Iverson


“I had a lot of growing up to do. A lot of times, I learned the hard way.”-Allen Iverson


“He’s helped me do so much in my career, helped me be the player that I am. If there’s no Larry Brown, then there’s no MVP, “-Allen Iverson .”-Allen Iverson


“When you win, everything is everything. But when you lose, it’s all about “-Allen Iverson and Larry Brown. When we win, I know that I get the praise and Larry Brown gets the praise, but when we lose, it’s on me and Larry Brown. That’s something that I have to learn to accept and deal with.”-Allen Iverson


“Man, people have been waiting for me to fall off my whole career. From the first time, I stepped on the court. It probably made people sick to their stomachs watching my whole career, watching the things that I’ve done in my career.”-Allen Iverson

“I love my fans in Philadelphia, but this is the hardest place in the world to play in. And I think it’s the hardest place to play in to be a superstar. Just to be the No. 1 guy. All eyes on you – because everybody wants you to be perfect, but not themselves.”-Allen Iverson


Powerful Allen Iverson Quotes


“When you are not practicing, someone else is getting better.”-Allen Iverson


“I am sick of defending myself, and I am not going to keep on doing it.”-Allen Iverson


“You think I can be the MVP without practicing?”-Allen Iverson


“Just because you put a guy in a tuxedo doesn’t make him a good guy.”-Allen Iverson


“It was a great experience for me – the ups and downs – because I became a man in Philadelphia.”-Allen Iverson


“It was just the greatest feeling to see a kid with your shoes on.”-Allen Iverson


“I’m just overwhelmed by the fact that I had a signature shoe. It’s actually ‘my shoe.'”-Allen Iverson

“Anyone of my shoes that I had, you knew that night in, night out, I gave my teammates and my fans everything that I had.”-Allen Iverson


“I want to thank coach Thompson… for saving my life. Forgiving me the opportunity.”-Allen Iverson


“I was recruited by every school in the country for football and basketball. And an incident happened in high school, and all that was taken away. No other teams, no other schools were recruiting me anymore.”-Allen Iverson


“I got a lot of love for NBC, Tom Brokaw. He did a lot for me, and I appreciate him, and I owe a lot to him for that.”-Allen Iverson


“At times, I might have been too young; I might have been too naive at times and didn’t understand who I really was to a whole culture.”-Allen Iverson


Famous Allen Iverson Quotes About Basketball


“I’m a father; I’m a friend. I think I’ve got the biggest heart in the world. A lot of times, that’s not a good thing. It’s a gift and a curse.”-Allen Iverson


“I don’t really care too much about what people who don’t care about me say about me, but a lot of times, you know, I get tired of defending myself.”-Allen Iverson

“I didn’t do this by myself, man. It was so many people, so many fans that came in there and cheered for me, night in and night out.”-Allen Iverson


“So many people supported me and believed in me. They made it so easy for me to believe in myself because I didn’t want to let them down.”-Allen Iverson


“I wanted my fans and my family and my friends to be proud of me.”-Allen Iverson


“As far as how I expressed ‘practice, practice, practice’ over and over again, I wouldn’t take that back because, obviously, that sound bite is great for the media and for the fans, because they love it.”-Allen Iverson


“If you’re from Virginia, then you know some white people from Poquoson don’t like black people.”-Allen Iverson


“You don’t want to hear about how much money I donate to the Boys and Girls Clubs of America or to AIDS awareness or to give out scholarships. You don’t want to hear about that.”-Allen Iverson


“People and what they say don’t bother me like they used to. When I was younger, I really couldn’t take it because I couldn’t understand where the criticism was coming from.”-Allen Iverson


“If we lose games, and I don’t score a lot, they gonna say I’m not scoring enough.”-Allen Iverson


Best Quotes by Allen Iverson


“Don’t anybody wanna talk about or hear about somebody donating money to a charity. You wanna hear about what Bin Laden is doing and what you think is on his mind.”-Allen Iverson


“I wish there was a season where I was playing and didn’t have no aches, no pains, no bruises, no nothing.”-Allen Iverson


“Everybody talks about that one when they first meet me. ‘Man, I still remember the play you shook Jordan.’ Everybody gonna always remembers it because it was Jordan.”-Allen Iverson

“You look at guys on the court, man. You got this guy with this brand of shoe, and this guy with this brand – they’re just wearing the shoe. But it’s a whole different feeling when you got a shoe on, and it’s yours.”-Allen Iverson


“All I ever wanted to do was wear Jordans. I think there were only one or two pairs I never had.”-Allen Iverson


“If I’m not getting older and more mature at 31, then something’s wrong.”-Allen Iverson


“I couldn’t have accomplished the things in my career if I didn’t practice, and the worst part about that whole thing is when a kid comes up to me and says ‘Allen, I don’t like practice, either.’ I’ve got to straighten that kid right then.”-Allen Iverson


“I just want kids all over the world to know you have to practice to be any good in this game; it’s too hard.”-Allen Iverson


“I’m not going to be the same as I was when I’ve made so many bad mistakes.”-Allen Iverson

“You can hide from the devil, but he’ll always find you.”-Allen Iverson


Top Allen Iverson Quotes And Sayings


“I wasn’t a fan of the Sixers. My dad was a big Mo Cheeks fan, and he wanted me to be drafted by the Sixers. My thing was, if that could make my dad happy, then that would make me happy, you know what I mean?”-Allen Iverson


“I knew I was gonna be the number one pick, but I didn’t know.”-Allen Iverson


“God gave me all this; why waste the talent that he gave me? Why not go full throttle with it all and try to become in the class with the greatest players that ever played the game? That’s just a great feeling.”-Allen Iverson


“All my tattoos are tattoos that I wanted to get, but I couldn’t afford it.”-Allen Iverson


“Coming into the league, if I would’ve had money, then obviously I would’ve had more tattoos.”-Allen Iverson


“Tattoos, cornrows, headbands, hip-hop. I never meant to start any trends. I got my butt kicked, but if that meant that the guys who came after me could be themselves, then it was worth it.”-Allen Iverson


“Being older, I can’t imagine a parent not wanting to be in their kid’s life. I will just never understand it. To me, it’s priceless.”-Allen Iverson


“Guys are supposed to be able to be original and dress like how they want to dress. The NBA can’t dress any grown man.”-Allen Iverson


“I felt like I was better at football than I am in basketball.”-Allen Iverson


“I’ve accomplished so many things in basketball. I financially secured my kids’ life and their future. I’m just happy. I’m just blessed. So anything that I’m not awarded doesn’t matter because I’ve been rewarded enough in this lifetime.”-Allen Iverson


Great Allen Iverson Quotes


“I gotta win games. Because if we lose games, and I score a lot, they going to say I’m scorin’ too much.”-Allen Iverson


“My whole thing was being wanted and being accepted by a ball club. That was the most important thing to me.”-Allen Iverson


“I made a lot of mistakes. And obviously, it cost me.”-Allen Iverson


“At some point, it comes to an end regardless, however it comes, whether it is retirement or injury; at some point, it comes to an end.”-Allen Iverson


“I don’t feel any type of way. I just understand that He helped me accomplish a lot of things in the NBA. I’ve done so many things that people thought that I couldn’t do.”-Allen Iverson


“I didn’t take constructive criticism the way I should have. When I finally caught up to that, that’s when I went to being the MVP.”-Allen Iverson


“I had to learn that some people are just not going to like you. I had to have thick skin when I would see what people would say or write about me.”-Allen Iverson


“You used to think the suspect was the guy with the cornrows; now you see the police officers with the cornrows.”-Allen Iverson


“Being in a fishbowl, everybody looking at every move you make, talking about everything you do – it’s just a hard life to live.”-Allen Iverson


“I have no regrets about anything. People ask me all the time, ‘Do I have any regrets?’ I don’t have any. If I could back and do it all over, would I change anything? No.”-Allen Iverson


“Coach’s voice will never leave my head as long as I live.”-Allen Iverson