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Campbell Brown Quotes

Motivational Campbell Brown Quotes And Sayings

Campbell Brown Quotes:- Campbell Brown (born June 14, 1968) is the head of global news partnerships at Facebook and a former American television news reporter and anchorwoman.


Inspirational Campbell Brown Quotes


“The government sets targets for increased four-year high school graduation rates as part of its agenda for improving Americans’ health.”-Campbell Brown

Inspirational Campbell Brown Quotes

“I knew on the day that I accepted my job at CNN that a rating victory at 8 P.M. was going to be a formidable challenge. As I have been told over and over, this is the toughest time slot in cable news.”-Campbell Brown


“To assume that someone’s views are invariably influenced or shaped by his or her partner is lazy. It is an intellectual crutch we grope for when we do not have an effective counter to someone’s argument.”-Campbell Brown


“You’re not going to see me ever be partisan. I’ll never take a position on a candidate or an issue.”-Campbell Brown


“In a situation where it’s the child or the adult, I’m going with the child.”-Campbell Brown

“There’s no reason why anyone’s job should become untouchable for the rest of their life.”-Campbell Brown


“I’m interested in full disclosure for people who give money to politicians. But I’m not a politician. I’m an advocate.”-Campbell Brown


“I’ve covered the White House and been yelled at by presidents.”-Campbell Brown


“It’s understood in the newsroom: Air the Trump rallies live and uninterrupted. He may say something crazy; he often does, and it’s always great television.”-Campbell Brown


“Experience is a legitimate issue when John McCain raises it about Obama, and it’s also legitimate for us to raise it about Palin.”-Campbell Brown


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“This must be such a relief for the TV executives managing a business in decline, suffering from a thousand cuts from social media and other new platforms. Trump arrived on the scene as a kind of manna from hell.”-Campbell Brown


“Early on, even before he was the front-runner, TV news was giving Trump far more attention than other candidates and far more than he deserved.”-Campbell Brown


“As the ratings go up, so does advertising revenue.”-Campbell Brown

“Any time you challenge a big powerful person or special interest, there’s going to be blowback.”-Campbell Brown


“Whenever someone says to me, ‘Are you for or against Common Core,’ the first question I ask is, ‘What do you think Common Core is?’ You will get a different answer from every single person. You will literally get a different answer.”-Campbell Brown


“Common Core isn’t a test, but for some people, it is, because they don’t like the testing piece of it.”-Campbell Brown


“The thing that bothers me about journalism is the false equivalency we sometimes place on certain issues.”-Campbell Brown


“It’s better, to be honest about your opinions than to pretend you don’t have them.”-Campbell Brown


“We are not yet a society free of sexism, and this will continue to be an issue for all women candidates.”-Campbell Brown


“Bipartisanship is really tough to achieve when everyone on both sides is left with a bad, bad taste in their mouths.”-Campbell Brown


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“When Wolf Blitzer wears a not-so-great tie, how much e-mail do you think he gets? My point is, for women, unfortunately, appearance is part of the job.”-Campbell Brown


“My cousin in Louisiana started a small company with little savings, renovating houses. A single mom, she saved enough to buy a home and provide child care for her son. When the economy went belly up, so did her company.”-Campbell Brown

“I myself have raised plenty of questions about Sarah Palin, much to the annoyance of the McCain campaign. But those questions have been about her qualifications and experience, never her appearance.”-Campbell Brown


“If you live in the overlapping world of politics and media, as I am learning, anything less than full transparency can potentially do you in.”-Campbell Brown


“After a 15-year career in television news, sometimes spent biting my tongue in the name of objectivity and balance, I retired to raise our two small children.”-Campbell Brown


“I have been fortunate that publications like the ‘New York Times’ and ‘The Wall Street Journal’ have allowed me to share some of my opinions with a wider audience.”-Campbell Brown


“Morning Joe’ host Mika Brzezinski’s personal life is a minefield. Her father is Zbigniew Brzezinski, former national security adviser to President Jimmy Carter, and while one brother is an Obama appointee, the other advises Romney.”-Campbell Brown


“By resisting almost any change aimed at improving our public schools, teachers’ unions have become a ripe target for reformers across the ideological spectrum.”-Campbell Brown


“Heartless zealotry, whether from the religious right or from the teachers’ union on the left, is always troubling.”-Campbell Brown


Great Quotes by Campbell Brown


“Parents should be allowed to choose which cable or satellite channels – sources of the most extreme content – come into their homes.”-Campbell Brown


“As anyone who has recently seen PG-13 movies knows, the level of violence in them has increased to the point of making the Motion Picture Association of America’s voluntary rating system meaningless.”-Campbell Brown


“What is happening with automation and globalization, that’s not going away.”-Campbell Brown

“The consequences of substandard teaching go far beyond whether college or a good job is in reach. They affect earning potential, with implications throughout a person’s life.”-Campbell Brown


“Our education system is not preparing young people for the world they will face.”-Campbell Brown


“While the protection of speech is at the bedrock of our democracy, it’s critical as a nation that we exercise our right every day – and that includes embracing and engaging with those we may not agree with.”-Campbell Brown


“Voters have demonstrated time and again that candidates who buck the teachers’ union are rewarded.”-Campbell Brown


“Perhaps there is no greater evidence that the teachers’ union has swung too far out of the mainstream that they both have been a target of near-constant criticism from Secretary of Education Arne Duncan.”-Campbell Brown


Best Campbell Brown Quotes About Education


“If Boston charters can be stymied despite their extraordinary success, charters anywhere can be stopped.”-Campbell Brown


“It is unimaginable that anyone, right or left, can aspire to be president without having thought about this. Every candidate has the stage; the Republicans have used it to fuss unproductively over the Common Core. The Democrats have all but refused to speak.”-Campbell Brown


“Education has not traditionally been a large concern in presidential elections, presumably because the president does not run schools.”-Campbell Brown


“Our educational establishment is failing; it is past time for courage, honesty, and action commensurate with the need, particularly here in the United States.”-Campbell Brown


“When I listen to President Obama speak to and about women, he sometimes sounds too paternalistic for my taste.”-Campbell Brown


“Someone once told me I looked good in red, so I bought every piece of clothing in red and bright-red lipstick. I had huge hair, as big as I could tease it and spray it.”-Campbell Brown


“Some women are smarter than men, and some aren’t. But to suggest to women that they deserve dominance instead of equality is at best a cheap applause line.”-Campbell Brown


Campbell Brown Quotes About Honesty


“Human faces shouldn’t get lost amid the statistics.”-Campbell Brown


“Planned Parenthood has a large target on its back.”-Campbell Brown


“Gay marriage passed in New York because four Republican legislators crossed party lines. They did it in part because they had true bipartisan financial support.”-Campbell Brown


“Let’s be clear about what Common Core is. It spells out what students should know at the end of each grade. The goal is to ensure that our students are sound in math and literacy and that our schools have some basic consistency nationwide.”-Campbell Brown


“Education never quite gets the attention it deserves in presidential campaigns, but monster flip-flops surely do.”-Campbell Brown


“I’m pretty sure the last time any anchor could honestly ignore ratings was well before I was born.”-Campbell Brown


“Sadly, journalism doesn’t always state the obvious.”-Campbell Brown


“Every education law should be based around the question, ‘Is this good for children?’ And it’s not.”-Campbell Brown