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Dua Lipa Quotes

Motivational Dua Lipa Quotes And Sayings

Dua Lipa Quotes:- Dua Lipa (born 22 August 1995) is an English singer, songwriter, and model. After working as a model, she signed with Warner Music Group in 2015 and released her eponymous debut album in 2017.

The album yielded seven singles, including two UK top-ten singles “Be the One” and “IDGAF” and the UK number-one single “New Rules”, which also reached number six in the United States.

Inspirational Dua Lipa Quotes And Sayings

“Every time you achieve something, you want to go after what’s next. I’d like to see my own shows grow and someday be a headliner, fill up stadiums.”-Dua Lipa

Inspirational Dua Lipa Quotes And Sayings

“If I wasn’t a singer, I would be a fairy princess.”-Dua Lipa


“My first concert was Method Man and Redman because they came down to Kosovo.”-Dua Lipa


“I spend a lot of time in bed when I’m off. But if I’m feeling adventurous, I’ll go to a gallery.”-Dua Lipa


“I use a toothbrush on my lips as a lip scrub; occasionally, I use a toothbrush with some dark eye shadow on my eyebrows if I want to fill them in. And if I want a really thick, textured look with mascara, I put one on my lashes, as well.”-Dua Lipa


“I’m heavily influenced by the Nineties – I love juxtaposing a slip dress with trainers and a vintage leather jacket.”-Dua Lipa

“Social media can sometimes influence the charts, but I think that only great music makes it to the top. The good songs make it.”-Dua Lipa


“I still take a lot of pride in being able to write my own songs. My story’s coming from me.”-Dua Lipa


“For me, my aim is to just be as good as possible. If people do look up to me, I have to set the best example I can.”-Dua Lipa


“I’m learning to accept myself. I’m still in the process of learning to love who I am. And it’s been really refreshing and really nice to be able to do that and be okay. I think my fans have brought that out in me.”-Dua Lipa


Famous Dua Lipa Quotes


“I never really wanted to base success on charts and chart positioning. For me, it’s really about the shows and seeing them grow.”-Dua Lipa


“I think the artists are really the face of the music they make. It’s no longer the genre that dictates it.”-Dua Lipa

“I dated this guy who literally would never eat a single vegetable. I was like, ‘This is terrible. You eat like a five-year-old.'”-Dua Lipa


“I love Pink and Nelly Furtado – the honesty and truth in their lyrics. I also love Kendrick Lamar and Chance the Rapper.”-Dua Lipa


“I’d love to work with Drake; I’d love to work with Frank Ocean, Jay Z, and Kanye. The list is endless.”-Dua Lipa


“‘Redbone’ from Childish Gambino – that is my ideal summer tune. It’s already gone and done its thing, but I want it to live on forever.”-Dua Lipa


“I like how powerful fashion makes me feel. I live for that grungy-prissy juxtaposition that Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, and Drew Barrymore wore in the ’90s.”-Dua Lipa


“My father was a musician, so I feel like falling into this career was a bit inevitable.”-Dua Lipa


“I started posting covers online and having this crazy determination about what I wanted to do and just went for it. I was like, ‘Okay, no one else can create my future for me, and no one can get what I want for me, so I have to go out and get it myself.'”-Dua Lipa

“Everything that I do is very autobiographical. I’m trying to be as much of an open book as possible and give the audience every single piece of me.”-Dua Lipa


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“When I think of artists I love, like J. Cole, it’s the storytelling that grabs me. I want to be honest with my music.”-Dua Lipa


“My goal is to get my music out to as many people as possible. That a song of mine is being played on the radio so far away from home really, really pushes me. It’s everything I’ve dreamed of.”-Dua Lipa


“I’m so obsessed with Cardi B. I do nothing but sit and watch her Instagram videos.”-Dua Lipa


“For a female artist, it takes a lot more to be taken seriously if you’re not sat down at a piano or with a guitar, you know?”-Dua Lipa


“For a male artist, people instantly assume they write their own music, but for women, they assume it’s all manufactured.”-Dua Lipa

“I’ve always been very much in control of my music and my image, and I think one of the things I’ve been lucky about is I didn’t bring a label on board until I really figured out who I was.”-Dua Lipa


“I feel like I wear kind of the same things on stage that I would wear every day, unless I’m being lazy, and then I just wear trackies. But actually, if I’m honest, I wouldn’t really walk down Kilburn High Street in a leotard, and I would wear that onstage.”-Dua Lipa


“Traveling is the worst for skin, and it shows instantly. Once you’re working non-stop, you can instantly see it.”-Dua Lipa


“I get a bit insecure if I feel like there’s too much makeup on my face or if I feel like I’m cakey.”-Dua Lipa