Motivational and Unique Slogans on Terrorism

SLOGANS ON TERRORISM:-Terrorism refers to any act or activity that terrorizes. It may be one person who becomes a victim or many people who suffer because of an act of terrorism. Terrorism is an evil that must be shunned ruthlessly. Where there is any form of terrorism, there is a destruction of peace and harmony. Terror attacks lead to bloodshed and death, and loss of property. Terrorism disrupts the nation’s growth and development.

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Social and economic development depends on peace and harmony. Terrorism must be destroyed at all cost to promote social and economic prosperity and for the establishment of peace and harmony.

We have shared below some useful and striking slogans on terrorism; you can select any terrorism slogan as per your need:



Terrorism destroys harmony.


Say no to terrorism!


Terrorism destroys peace.


Don’t destroy peace; destroy terrorism!


Terrorism jeopardizes development.


Kill terrorism, not peace!


Terrorism is a poison; shun it.


Protect life, destroy terrorism!

Terrorism is anti-national.


The nation’s well-being depends on peace and stability; shun terrorism!


Terrorism is unhealthy for the nation and the people.


Fight terrorism, it is evil.


Terrorism is anti-social.


Terrorism disrupts normal life.


Where there is terrorism, there is no peace and harmony!


Terrorism destroys economic development.


Stop terrorism in its tracks; let peace and harmony flourish!


Terrorism installs fear; scares away terrorism.


If terrorism flourishes, life perishes!

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Terrorism destabilizes the nation; ruthlessly destabilizes terrorism.


Terrorism threatens the well-being of the people.


If terrorism raises its ugly head, destroy it!


Terrorism endangers the nation’s stability and peace.


Say no to terrorism, it destroys life!


Terrorism stunts growth and development.


Uphold peace; destroy violence and terrorism!


Terrorism frightens the public.




Terrorism blocks the nation’s development.


When terrorism enters, peace is gone; banish terrorism!

Terrorism brings to naught the nations’ progress.


Disarm terrorism; fortify development!


Terrorism brings naught progress and prosperity!


Make progress sustainable; disable terrorism!


Terrorism nullifies growth and development.


Disable terrorism; enable peace!


Terrorism disrupts tourism.


What dialogue can achieve, terrorism can never!


Terrorism seeks to frighten; scare away terrorism!


Be bold; frighten terrorism away!


Terrorism is the way of cowards; be bold to build peace!


Fight terrorism; usher in peace!


Terrorism is anti-development.


Banish terrorism; relish peace!


Terrorism jeopardizes prosperity; destroy terrorism!


Discard terrorism; let peace and harmony reign!

Terrorism is a bane to society, banish it!


When terrorism is shunned, peace flourishes!


Terrorism is a curse to the nation; destroy it!