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Motivational Gillian Tans Quotes And Sayings

Gillian Tans Quotes:- Gillian Tans is a Dutch businesswoman who was’s Chief Executive Officer, appointed in April 2016 and stepped down in June 2019. She was responsible for the global strategy and operations of, including the management of all business units within the organization.


Inspirational Gillian Tans Quotes


“I think companies need to take more ownership over the gender gap themselves because if everybody does that, then overall, it will improve.”-Gillian Tans

Inspirational Gillian Tans Quotes

“From our earliest days, has been deploying technology to help strip the friction out of travel.”-Gillian Tans


“Friction still exists in travel, and we are on a quest to go even further to make the entire experience – from planning to staying and beyond – even easier with technology.”-Gillian Tans


“There’s no point being at the airport longer than needed.”-Gillian Tans


“Japan is a very important market for us and has grown remarkably like one of the most popular travel destinations in the world.”-Gillian Tans

“Both business and leisure travelers are enjoying unprecedented levels of choice.”-Gillian Tans


“Eventually, people should just say ‘give me the best hotel on a certain date in a certain location.'”-Gillian Tans


“One in five of our customer’s books for the business. But it’s scaling very fast. As a result, we have tools for medium or small-sized companies to allow them to set their price and give basic reporting functionality.”-Gillian Tans


“As CEOs or board members, women are still underrepresented, and that gap is actually growing.”-Gillian Tans


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“ is one of the biggest translation companies in the world.”-Gillian Tans

“Travel is a combination of the personal and the emotional.”-Gillian Tans


“Booking travel is not like shopping or groceries or booking a restaurant. It’s much less frequent, so understanding what works just takes a lot more time.”-Gillian Tans


“Every customer is different, and the travel experience is completely fluid, but the end goal is to find the best solutions.”-Gillian Tans


“I am a woman, and I am proud to say that I work in technology. But I also recognize that the combination of those two facts puts me in the minority.”-Gillian Tans


“Not only do we need more women in the technology sector, but we also clearly need to refocus energy on improving gender equality in the global economy.”-Gillian Tans


“There is a misperception among job seekers that opportunities for women in tech exist only for those with coding or engineering experience. To be sure, technology firms do need women with these skills, but they also need women with expertise in other areas, like marketing and finance.”-Gillian Tans


“As a company powered by technology and digital innovation, believes strongly in ensuring equal access and opportunity for all within the technology sector.”-Gillian Tans


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“Recognizing that female participation in technology is lower than it should be, we are committed to bolstering female tech talent, eliminating obstacles and challenges they face, and fostering diversity.”-Gillian Tans


“Education is crucial in determining which profession women will choose, so it’s important to spark interest in technologies at an early age.”-Gillian Tans


“I’ve always been curious and taken many risks, but that is quite atypical for a woman. On the other hand, I think that’s the only way to grow beyond yourself.”-Gillian Tans


“We found we were able to create better, customer-centric product features more quickly with a more diverse product team.”-Gillian Tans


“If you run a global business, it’s so important that you understand what happens in each place, and you can’t do that remotely. I don’t want to go anywhere and leave and not have seen the people who work for us. That doesn’t feel good.”-Gillian Tans


“I travel very light. I never want to check a bag. My only standards are a few sets of clothes, my white sneakers, my blue backpack, and my laptop. I don’t have any special things otherwise.”-Gillian Tans


“Traveling changes you as a person. If you buy something, it’s so different than if you put your money into traveling.”-Gillian Tans


“Traveling is an experience that you can always carry with you. It makes the world come together more so we understand each other better.”-Gillian Tans


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“And as a woman, you need to take risks. Don’t stay too long in your own swim lane.”-Gillian Tans

“The culture of has been very good for me because it’s a culture where you’re allowed to fail. When you think about taking risks, if it’s OK to fail, you actually do a lot more. And you learn a lot quicker.”-Gillian Tans


“If you’re afraid of failure or getting it wrong, you’ll never truly innovate or disrupt the market.”-Gillian Tans


“Many people think we are a technology company, but we are totally customer-led.”-Gillian Tans


“My mother was from an entrepreneurial family and very creative. She always pushed me to take risks, to do things I wouldn’t have thought of.”-Gillian Tans


“What always drove me was my curiosity. That’s what made me join Booking and not be afraid to leave a very successful job and then go into a startup.”-Gillian Tans


“I found the Internet really fascinating.”-Gillian Tans


“An American customer can book in English all over the world, but also, somebody from Japan or China can book in their own language everywhere. We translate all of our content into these languages, and that’s quite unique. We service our direct customers – the innkeepers – as well in their own language.”-Gillian Tans


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“A long time ago, we had to build interfaces to connect with other companies, and I thought that was a great idea. The company had to pay a lot of money to build it and basically launched it, but our whole operating system almost broke. So, we couldn’t continue it. In the end, I had to go on the train to Paris to explain that I had spent millions.”-Gillian Tans

“I don’t think there’s ever a wrong answer as long as people are willing to learn, share. You’re never done learning.”-Gillian Tans


“Technology’s great, but you can only be as good at technology as your people are.”-Gillian Tans


“For me, it’s about taking things that do not take a lot of space. Don’t take a lot of shoes. I tend to pack a lot of dresses, for instance, because they take up less space.”-Gillian Tans


“We wanted to go much bigger than anybody else. That’s why we’ve targeted so many countries.”-Gillian Tans


“There are a lot of threats out there. Amazon can enter the travel market. Google could enter the accommodation space. But that is not something that we actively focus on.”-Gillian Tans


“Whether you are checking luggage or bringing a carry-on, always weigh and measure your bags to make sure they are below the airline’s size and weight restrictions. Excess baggage fees can be costly. Avoid all baggage fees by only bringing a carry-on.”-Gillian Tans


“Understand tipping culture. Whereas Americans tip 15-20% when dining out, most European countries don’t tip, as a service charge is typically included in the bill. Make sure you’re not over-tipping by doing the research before traveling.”-Gillian Tans