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Judy Sheindlin Quotes

Motivational Judy Sheindlin Quotes And Sayings

Judy Sheindlin Quotes:- Judith Sheindlin (born October 21, 1942) known professionally as Judge Judy, is an American prosecution lawyer, former Manhattan family court judge, television personality, and author.


Inspirational Judy Sheindlin Quotes


“You don’t teach morals and ethics and empathy and kindness in the schools. You teach that at home, and children learn by example.”-Judy Sheindlin

Inspirational Judy Sheindlin Quotes

“Number one – and I want you to emblaze this on your brain – you only have one chance to make a first impression.”-Judy Sheindlin


“People in the U.S. pay a great deal of money to support their judiciary, and they have an actual right to see how it functions.”-Judy Sheindlin


“Cameras should be the norm everywhere. It should be in every courtroom so that the proceedings are taken down and recorded just like stenography.”-Judy Sheindlin


“Who is interested in that? Who is interested in the warm and fuzzy? There’s enough warm and fuzzy on television.”-Judy Sheindlin

“A period of detention in a chilly upstate facility can be a great attitude adjuster.”-Judy Sheindlin


“I think the fundamentals of America are strong.”-Judy Sheindlin


“This country has a wonderful spirit.”-Judy Sheindlin


“I resent it when any part of the government refers to people who have money in the pejorative.”-Judy Sheindlin


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“When states and cities and our country say we’re going to tax the rich – and that word ‘rich’ or ‘wealthy’ doesn’t sound like it comes from the success of hard work, but from something negative – I resent it.”-Judy Sheindlin


“I eat liars for breakfast.”-Judy Sheindlin


“I’m an entertainer, and I’m paid as an entertainer.”-Judy Sheindlin


“I deal with conflicts that irritate people and give them stress, like the dispute over a car payment. I can resolve those cases in a moment.”-Judy Sheindlin


“My viewers are smart. They know I have a contract with a TV show and that I make a lot of money.”-Judy Sheindlin


“Women make a terrible mistake because they usually are so desperate to nest that they pick on schlubs and worthless pieces of trash that they pick up in a bar.”-Judy Sheindlin

“Teach your daughters, teach your granddaughters, everybody has to have something that they’re good at where they can earn a living.”-Judy Sheindlin


“What keeps me going is those cases, maybe ten a year, where I can make a difference.”-Judy Sheindlin


“Don’t pee on my leg and tell me it’s raining.”-Judy Sheindlin


“Don’t try to teach a pig to sing. It doesn’t work, and it annoys the pig.”-Judy Sheindlin


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“They will find somebody younger, somebody funnier, somebody more engaged. As long as the court genre is viable, people are going to be looking for someone to knock me off of my perch.”-Judy Sheindlin


“I’ve had an absolutely magical run.”-Judy Sheindlin


“If you can share with the people who’ve been good to you, do it.”-Judy Sheindlin


“Not everything has to be a money-making operation. You do things sometimes because it makes you feel good.”-Judy Sheindlin


“You should want to give something back.”-Judy Sheindlin

“People from Brooklyn grow up with a certain common sense. If it doesn’t ring true, it’s not true.”-Judy Sheindlin


“I’m not a good interviewer.”-Judy Sheindlin


“I never had an issue with gender.”-Judy Sheindlin


“I think that there is a difference between men and women as a warrior and a nurturer… It’s innate.”-Judy Sheindlin


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“My first husband is a lovely, lovely man, but he always viewed my job as a hobby, and there came a time where I resented that.”-Judy Sheindlin


“I don’t feel as if anything that has happened to me in my life was sidetracked because I was a woman.”-Judy Sheindlin


“It took them 13 years to get O. J. Simpson, but they got him. What goes around comes around.”-Judy Sheindlin


“All the judges watched Judge Wapner. All America, at one point or another, watched Judge Wapner.”-Judy Sheindlin


“I try to have the right thing happen at the end of the case, try to have the case have a moral compass to it, try to do a little teaching while I’m at it because that’s the, you know, that’s the preacher in me.”-Judy Sheindlin


“Long before I was Judge Judy when I was an unknown worker bee, I usually got what I wanted.”-Judy Sheindlin


“I’m realistic. I’m not becoming Farrah Fawcett here. If you stay beyond your welcome, it’s for ego or money or because you can’t exist without the limelight. I’m fine without it.”-Judy Sheindlin


“Little things happen to us during the course of our lives when we were children that stay with us.”-Judy Sheindlin

“When I go on vacation, I leave my house in total order: bills paid, garbage out, no milk in the refrigerator, mail has done so that I can better negotiate what will await me.”-Judy Sheindlin


“When I was a practicing lawyer in the family court, there were too many judges who, when you left their courtroom, you didn’t know whether you’d won or whether you’d lost.”-Judy Sheindlin