Motivational Juice Wrld Quotes And Sayings

Juice Wrld Quotes:-Juice Wrld (December 2, 1998 – December 8, 2019) was an American rapper, singer, and songwriter. Born in Chicago, Illinois, he was known for his singles “All Girls Are the Same” and “Lucid Dreams” which helped him gain a recording contract with Lil Bibby’s Grade A Productions and Interscope Records.

Inspirational Juice Wrld Quotes

“I talk about a lot of issues I go through and some of my fans go through and try to create a fellowship where people can relate to each other.”-Juice Wrld

Inspirational Juice Wrld Quotes

“My music is straightforward because I want to give people me and let them know they’re not alone in going through the things that they go through.”-Juice Wrld


“Honestly, the way I make music, you know – it’s like, I don’t want to sound cocky or anything, but I try my best to make time with music that doesn’t have an expiration date.”-Juice Wrld


“Even if I’m talking about something that’s negative, I look at it as putting my mistakes out there for people to learn from it.”-Juice Wrld


“I’ve always been involved in music. Whether it be taking piano lessons or something, I always have.”-Juice Wrld

“Even in high school, I went through a lot of relationship issues, and that’s at the center of my music.”-Juice Wrld


“I never thought about college, but my mom thought about it for me. I knew 100 percent it wasn’t for me.”-Juice Wrld


“Nobody on this earth is perfect. Everybody has their flaws; everybody has their dark secrets and vices.”-Juice Wrld


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“I really just like making music. People call that ‘work.’ Like, ‘Oh, you’re going to the studio to work?’ No, that’s even what I do on my off day. I love recording.”-Juice Wrld

“My school had a radio show, and when I first decided to become a rapper, I was on there, and I would, like, freestyle.”-Juice Wrld


“Lucid dreaming is dreaming but you being aware that you’re doing it.”-Juice Wrld


“I feel as though if you’re able to control your dreams, you have more power and control over your mind like you could reach more areas of your mind. Therefore, I feel like it creates the ability for you to achieve more things in reality.”-Juice Wrld


“It is hard to separate the art from the artist.”-Juice Wrld


“I feel like I inspire more people than I think I do. I just need to remember that.”-Juice Wrld


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“Shout out to Sting: that’s the G.O.A.T. right there. The goat. Greatest of all time.”-Juice Wrld

“It’s good to put money back into communities.”-Juice Wrld


“Trust me: it’s cool to invest.”-Juice Wrld


“I feel like that’s what’s going to be most respected at the end of the day, that I’m able to do so many different things and become less of a rapper and just more as a musician.”-Juice Wrld


“Music is the best way that I can communicate with other people.”-Juice Wrld


“Words have a lot of power.”-Juice Wrld