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Marina Abramovic Quotes

Motivational Marina Abramovic Quotes And Sayings

Marina Abramovic Quotes:- Marina Abramovic ( born November 30, 1946) is a performance artist and art filmmaker. Her work explores body art, endurance art, and feminist art, the relationship between performer and audience, the limits of the body, and the possibilities of the mind.


Inspirational Marina Abramovic Quotes


“I believe so much in the power of performance I don’t want to convince people. I want them to experience it and come away convinced on their own.”-Marina Abramovic

Inspirational Marina Abramovic Quotes

“You can’t choreograph death, but you can choreograph your funeral.”-Marina Abramovic


“First of all, to do performance art, you really have to give 100 percent. I only know that I have to give 100 percent and then what happens, happens.”-Marina Abramovic


“One of the most wonderful things for me is to watch somebody else perform, where I am the audience – I love this more than ever.”-Marina Abramovic


“You know I very much respect Yvonne Rainer, she is very important – in American dance, the entire development of modern dance, and creating a wonderful physical language.”-Marina Abramovic

“I didn’t get paid for performances most of my life. If I did, I would be a billionaire now, and I’m not.”-Marina Abramovic


“Performance has to be mainstream art. This is what I’m fighting for.”-Marina Abramovic


“For me, performance is holy ground. When I perform, I really step into a different state of consciousness.”-Marina Abramovic


“Woody Allen has a wonderful line: ‘Today I’m a star. What will I be tomorrow? A black hole?’ That’s very important to know – that you have the moment, then you lose the moment. You have to see your changes, you have to take them, and you also have to see when you don’t have the chance to take them.”-Marina Abramovic


Famous Marina Abramovic Quotes


“Performance is there, and if you are not there at that moment it happened, it just stays in the memory. It’s so immaterial and something this immaterial is very difficult to collect. It’s difficult to buy, its how we can buy immaterial art.”-Marina Abramovic

“Because of technology, we don’t develop telepathy. We don’t use telepathy, but use, you know, the mobile phones. Why?”-Marina Abramovic


“You see, what is my purpose of a performance artist is to stage certain difficulties and stage the fear the primordial fear of pain, of dying, all of which we have in our lives, and then stage them in front of an audience and go through them and tell the audience, ‘I’m your mirror; if I can do this in my life, you can do it in yours.'”-Marina Abramovic


“In real life, you just work for the ordinary self, but in the front of the audience, you become the super self. That’s a completely different thing.”-Marina Abramovic


“We always project into the future or reflect in the past, but we are so little in the present.”-Marina Abramovic


“I believe the artist has an obligation to society.”-Marina Abramovic


“I am only interested in the ideas that become obsessive and make me feel uneasy. The ideas that I’m afraid of.”-Marina Abramovic


“Americans don’t like European movies.”-Marina Abramovic


Marina Abramovic Quotes About Movies


“My grandmother, when she looked at American movies, she said, ‘They’re all the same. In the first scene, somebody shoots somebody and then everybody makes phone calls.'”-Marina Abramovic


“A powerful performance will transform everyone in the room.”-Marina Abramovic


“I am obsessive always, even as a child. On one side is this strict orthodox religion, on the other is communism, and I am this little girl pulled between the two. It makes me who I am. It turns me into the kind of person that Freud would have a field day with, for sure.”-Marina Abramovic

“When people ask me where I am from I never say, ‘Serbia.’ I always say, ‘I come from a country that no longer exists.'”-Marina Abramovic


“Even now, I have traces of the good little girl. When I am not performing, for instance, I am really very quiet and ordinary.”-Marina Abramovic


“People put so much effort into starting a relationship and so little effort into ending one.”-Marina Abramovic


“In every ancient culture, there are rituals to mortify the body as a way of understanding that the energy of the soul is indestructible.”-Marina Abramovic


“Your ego can become an obstacle to your work. If you start believing in your greatness, it is the death of your creativity.”-Marina Abramovic


“The public is in need of experiences that are not just voyeuristic. Our society is in a mess of losing its spiritual center.”-Marina Abramovic


“The only theatre I do is my own. Somehow, my life is the only life that I can play.”-Marina Abramovic


Best Marina Abramovic Quotes And Sayings


“We are used to cleaning the outside house, but the most important house to clean is yourself – your own house – which we never do.”-Marina Abramovic

“If you see a Renaissance body, this is completely ugly at this time. Everybody has to be skinny. But the Renaissance body with the incredible flow of the meat everywhere, it was a beauty.”-Marina Abramovic


“You know, everyone is always talking about plastic surgery or technology, what to do. I really think it’s important to help yourself with the technology if you want to feel better, but I am absolutely against any kind of monstrous cuts of the body, lifting that is beyond recognition, this kind of stuff.”-Marina Abramovic


“You know, James Franco is one of the most interesting figures because he has no rules. He breaks all the borders.”-Marina Abramovic


“I’m interested in asking: ‘What does feminine energy mean?’ I don’t have answers – I just have questions and interesting examples.”-Marina Abramovic


“Why am I not feminist? Maybe because I come from a country where my mother ruled my life. I never felt in any way that I couldn’t achieve what I want.”-Marina Abramovic


“The most revolutionary ideas are not sellable, but only mind-changing.”-Marina Abramovic


“I don’t know anything about the afterlife because I haven’t been there yet.”-Marina Abramovic

“The big problem of our modern society is that we feel that we are separated from nature. But it’s just the opposite. We are interrelated and our DNA is the same. And only when human beings understand that, nature will not be an obstacle.”-Marina Abramovic


Great Marina Abramovic Quotes


“I test the limits of myself in order to transform myself, but I also take the energy from the audience and transform it.”-Marina Abramovic


“To be a performance artist, you have to hate theatre. The theatre is fake… The knife is not real, the blood is not real, and the emotions are not real. Performance is just the opposite: the knife is real, the blood is real, and the emotions are real.”-Marina Abramovic


“I give people space to simply sit in silence and communicate with me deeply but non-verbally.”-Marina Abramovic


“There’s plenty of talented women. Why do men take over important positions? It’s simple. Love, family, children – a woman doesn’t want to sacrifice all of that.”-Marina Abramovic


“There are good artists that have children. Of course, there are. They are called men.”-Marina Abramovic


“I had three abortions because I was certain that it would be a disaster for my work.”-Marina Abramovic


“When I taught art, I was always asked, ‘How do you know you’re an artist? What makes you an artist?’ And to me, it’s like breathing. You don’t question if you breathe; you have to breathe. So if you wake up in the morning, and you have to realize an idea, and there’s another idea, and another, maybe you are really an artist.”-Marina Abramovic


“I hate studios. A studio is a black hole. I never use a studio to work. It’s very artificial to go to a studio to get new ideas. You have to get new ideas from life, not from the studio. Then you go to the studio to realize the idea.”-Marina Abramovic


Top Marina Abramovic Quotes About Magazine


“To be in a magazine when you’re 20 is okay, but when you do it when you’re 65, it’s much more fun!”-Marina Abramovic


“The entire aim of my work is to elevate the human spirit. We can put the human spirit down so easily.”-Marina Abramovic


“Of course, I dream to have this perfect man who does not want to change me. And I’m so not marriage material, it’s terrible. But my dream is to have those Sunday mornings, where you’re eating breakfast and reading newspapers with somebody.”-Marina Abramovic


“It’s so easy to do things you like. But then, the thing is, when you’re afraid of something, face it; go for it. You become a better human being.”-Marina Abramovic


“One of my aims was to be paid as well as a plumber. The plumber was better-paid than any performance artist who was always doing this for free. It is so important to make a good living from art. You know, John Cage, until he was 60, he couldn’t pay electricity.”-Marina Abramovic


“Unconditional love with someone you’ve never met is a straightforward feeling that is so overwhelming and fulfilling.”-Marina Abramovic


Marina Abramovic Quotes About Cleaning


“I hate repetition. Even when I am home and have to buy milk, I go a different way each time to avoid having a habit of anything. Habits are really bad.”-Marina Abramovic


“I always sent my mother all these huge books I made. When my mother died, I was cleaning her cupboard, and these big books were only 20 pages long.”-Marina Abramovic


“I grew up with my grandmother because my parents were making careers and didn’t have much time for me. She was a highly religious Serbian Orthodox, spending most of her time in church. It’s a great mix, and I use all these elements in my work.”-Marina Abramovic


“In every ancient culture, there are rituals to mortify the body as a way of understanding that the energy of the soul is indestructible. The more I think about energy, the simpler my art becomes because it is just about pure presence.”-Marina Abramovic


“Aborigines are not just the oldest race in Australia; they are the oldest race on the planet. They look like dinosaurs.”-Marina Abramovic


“I had a difficult mother, difficult childhood as she had. She is Sagittarius like I am. I almost died from a broken heart because of love. And she really did.”-Marina Abramovic