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Maurizio Cattelan Quotes

Motivational Maurizio Cattelan Quotes And Sayings

Maurizio Cattelan Quotes:- Maurizio Cattelan (born 21 September 1960) is an Italian artist. Known primarily for his hyperrealistic sculptures and installations, Cattelan’s practice also includes curating and publishing. His satirical approach to art has resulted in him being frequently labeled as a joker or prankster of the art world.


Inspirational Maurizio Cattelan Quotes


“Laughter is a Trojan horse to enter into direct contact with the unconscious, strike the imagination, and trigger visceral reactions.”-Maurizio Cattelan

Inspirational Maurizio Cattelan Quotes

“From my point of view, humor and irony include tragedy; they’re two sides of the same coin.”-Maurizio Cattelan


“I think that laughter and death are closely related: comedy is the quintessential human reaction to the fear of death. It’s probably linked with the fact that we are the only animals who know we must die.”-Maurizio Cattelan


“When I was very young, I had to start to work to help my family, while my friends were studying. Since then, I have felt the urgency to escape from every dependency situation.”-Maurizio Cattelan

“I get up in the morning and get to bed at night, and between, I bring an equivalent dedication to everything I do, with a horror of the inaccurate and the half-baked.”-Maurizio Cattelan


“Stuffed animals are sad and scary; they have humorous and tragic qualities.”-Maurizio Cattelan


“I would describe myself as a tallish, shy, middle-aged man who equally loves his work and his freedom. And a good liar!”-Maurizio Cattelan


“Every work of art is a great promise of escape and, therefore, as an open invitation.”-Maurizio Cattelan


“Art fairs are a lot like professional proms – you make contacts, have a lot to look at, and in some cases, you make friends forever. I think that for artists, they can be a bit controversial: they stimulate curiosity, but at the same time, you’re always trying to not have your work hung on a wall.”-Maurizio Cattelan


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“I would never make fun of anyone who is obviously disabled who cannot defend himself, like Donald Trump.”-Maurizio Cattelan

“If you are searching to figure out what is true and what is not, you will have a sad life. It means you have too much time, and you should do a hobby – like collecting art.”-Maurizio Cattelan


“I never tried to make money – just enough to be able to eat.”-Maurizio Cattelan


“I don’t like the idea of having a public image. In the end, you have an image of someone, which becomes true whether it is or not.”-Maurizio Cattelan


“I like to produce work for specific places, and it is difficult to do repeat shows in the same space.”-Maurizio Cattelan


“I produce so little that the works have to be editioned. Otherwise, I don’t survive. Also, editioning is relevant to communication. If you make three new works, it means that nine objects are available. Three people talking about your work is fine, but nine makes a difference.”-Maurizio Cattelan


“Sooner or later, all magazines end up in the toilet.”-Maurizio Cattelan


“I work more with my stomach than my brain.”-Maurizio Cattelan

“My aim is to be as open and as incomprehensible as possible. There has to be a perfect balance between open and shut.”-Maurizio Cattelan


“I have become an employee of art.”-Maurizio Cattelan


“Work was always necessary to survive. Then I decided the goal should be to survive without working. But now I have much more work than I had before. Hunting for freedom, I’ve found the real prison. but at least it’s a prison I’ve chosen for myself.”-Maurizio Cattelan


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“I’m terrorized by a fear of failure. Failure is always there.”-Maurizio Cattelan


“You don’t wanna see your work, because you might find out that you do not like it.”-Maurizio Cattelan


“Money is a bad friend. Don’t ever do anything for money.”-Maurizio Cattelan


“It’s even more of a torture not to work than to work.”-Maurizio Cattelan

“It’s not my job to tell people what work means.”-Maurizio Cattelan


“I am not an artist.”-Maurizio Cattelan


“Truth is so hard to tell, it sometimes needs fiction to make it plausible.”-Maurizio Cattelan


“Gianni Agnelli was a sharp mind, and most of his interviews carried meanings between the lines that only now are fully readable.”-Maurizio Cattelan


“Sometimes I see myself as a locked box – very detached from myself and others. But I feel lucky, because I am the owner of my time, and you cannot buy time.”-Maurizio Cattelan


“Every morning, we choose between milk or tea or coffee. Usually, I know what I like, but I don’t rule out changing my idea sometimes. The editing process is one of the most important parts of everyday life. The same is with my work: mistakes are part of the decision-making process.”-Maurizio Cattelan


“Provocations are like a Molotov cocktail. They only work one time out of ten, but when it works, it can also be dangerous for the arm that is throwing it. It’s the price that has to be paid.”-Maurizio Cattelan


Top Maurizio Cattelan quotes And Sayings


“Never give an artist like me carte blanche: he would think it’s simply toilet paper.”-Maurizio Cattelan

“Some do design in order to try to solve others’ problems, while others make art in order to give others his problems.”-Maurizio Cattelan


“Art is about forgetting all these feelings, good and bad, and trying to understand what acts will last longer, which symbols will remain in history. It’s a question of perspective: The further you get from the past, the more concrete and plausible it seems.”-Maurizio Cattelan


“I won’t say I’m not fascinated by the way advertising works. I like the sleekness. But a picture in advertising doesn’t last too long. They have to work for 30 seconds. And I’d like to reach at least two minutes. This is my goal: to break that two-minute record.”-Maurizio Cattelan


“If you are a plumber, there is an objective way to establish whether you put together a great piping system or not. Art is a bit more slippery than that.”-Maurizio Cattelan


“Art should be able to be innovative without compromising itself. That’s why I believe artists should have bigger preoccupations than checking the price tags on their work or becoming curators’ darlings.”-Maurizio Cattelan


“I find Instagram interesting to the extent that new royal families are born and die there, such as The Kardashians of L.A.”-Maurizio Cattelan


“Warhol was proof that you can be revolutionary without being militant.”-Maurizio Cattelan


“There are times when being scandalous or provocative can help bring focus to issues of major concern.”-Maurizio Cattelan