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Diahnne Abbott Quotes

Motivational Diahnne Abbott Quotes and Sayings

Diahnne Abbott Quotes:- Diane Abbott (born 27 September 1953) is a British politician serving as the Member of Parliament (MP) for Hackney North and Stoke Newington since 1987.

She was the country’s first black woman MP as well as the longest-serving black MP in the House of Commons. As a member of the Labour Party, she has held various positions in successive Shadow Cabinets; Abbott has been Shadow Home Secretary since 2016.

Inspirational Diahnne Abbott Quotes

“When fast food is not a treat but a dietary staple, the children surf the internet all day in dark corners of the room and are bombarded with the latest gadgets. Things replace parental standards.”-Diane Abbott

Motivational Diahnne Abbott Quotes

“Gun crime is a major cause of fear and distress throughout the UK. The problem is deeply entrenched in a wide range of social and cultural factors and therefore not an isolated issue.”-Diane Abbott


“Mental health is often missing from public health debates even though it’s critical to wellbeing.”-Diane Abbott


“Finally, there’s a sense in which I look at this Westminster village and London intelligentsia as an outsider.”-Diane Abbott


“In Parliament, we debate on and we decide the laws that are going to govern the country.”-Diane Abbott


“My mother liked Jim Reeves. I hated his records. He was unbearable.”-Diane Abbott


“I knew what could happen to my son if he was sent to the wrong school and got in with the wrong crowd.”-Diane Abbott


“My London constituency in Hackney has one of the highest levels of gun crime in the country. But the problem is no longer confined to inner-city areas. Gun crime has spread to communities all over Britain.”-Diane Abbott


Best Diahnne Abbott Quotes And Sayings


“The honest truth is that if this government were to propose the massacre of the first-born, it would still have no difficulty in getting it through the Commons.”-Diane Abbott


“Families are struggling against a tide of junk information on junk food.”-Diane Abbott


“I wanted my marriage to work, but it didn’t.”-Diane Abbott


“Because when you watch U.S. television, all the presenters and reporters, they’re all out of central casting.”-Diane Abbott


“I’m a West Indian mum and West Indian mums will go to the wall for their children.”-Diane Abbott


“My family was from Jamaica.”-Diane Abbott


“I don’t think you can have pain and soul-searching doing the right thing for your child.”-Diane Abbott


“Abortion is an issue of conscience for the Labour party.”-Diane Abbott