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Feb 14, 2019
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Motivational Gary Renard Quotes and Sayings

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Gary Renard Quotes:- Gary R. Renard was born on 6 March 1951. on the historic North Shore of Massachusetts, where he eventually became a professional guitar player. During the Harmonic Convergence of 1987, he heard a “calling” and began to take his life in a different direction. In the early 1990s, Gary R. Renard underwent a powerful spiritual awakening.


Inspirational Gary Renard Quotes


“You will not break loose until you realize that you yourself forge the chains that bind you.”-Gary Renard


“Without forgiveness, metaphysics are useless.”-Gary Renard


“Your future is being determined by you right now, depending on the choices you make.”-Gary Renard


“Don’t always expect good things to happen. Your job is to forgive no matter what happens.”-Gary Renard

“The way you will experience and feel about yourself is not determined by how other people look and feel about you. The way that you will experience and feel about yourself is actually determined by how YOU look at and think about THEM. Whatever we think about others is really like sending a message about ourselves to ourselves.”-Gary Renard


“You will identify yourself either as a body or perfect spirit, as either divided or whole, depending upon how you see others. And, once you understand that, you will be careful about how you think about other people.”-Gary Renard


“You have to learn how to turn the tables on the ego. The only way to forgive what is within is to forgive what seems to be without.”-Gary Renard


“The key to enlightenment lies in a secret that very few people have ever known, but which Jesus knew well. The way you will experience and feel about yourself is not determined by how other people look at and think about you.”-Gary Renard

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