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Mar 13, 2019
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Motivational Marc Alexander Hunter Quotes and Sayings

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Marc Alexander Hunter Quotes:- Marc Alexander Hunter (7 September 1953 – 17 July 1998) was a New Zealand rock and pop singer, songwriter, and record producer. He was also a member of the Party Boys (1985). For his solo career, he issued five studio albums, Fiji Bitter (November 1979), Big City Talk (August 1981), Communication (September 1985), Night and Day (August 1990), and Talk to Strangers (late 1994).

During the 1970s Hunter developed heroin and alcohol addictions and was incarcerated at Mt Eden Prison in Auckland in 1978. He was recklessly outspoken and volatile on-stage. In November 1978 during the band’s American tour, supporting Johnny Winter, they performed in Dallas, Texas, where “he made some general stage observations about redneck buddies, illegal oral sex and utility trucks” and called the audience members, “faggots”.

Inspirational Marc Alexander Hunter Quotes

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