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Mohammad Azharuddin Quotes

Motivational Mohammad Azharuddin Quotes and Sayings

Mohammad Azharuddin Quotes:- Mohammad Azharuddin is an Indian politician and former cricketer. He was renowned as an elegant middle-order batsman and captain of the Indian cricket team in 47 tests and 174 one-day matches during the 1990s.

His international playing career came to an end when he was found to be involved in a match-fixing scandal in 2000 and subsequently banned by the BCCI for life. In 2012, the Andhra Pradesh High Court declared the life ban illegal.

Inspirational Mohammad Azharuddin Quotes

“Cricket has given me everything. If I’m anything today, it is because of the game… where I have given blood, sweat, and tears.”-Mohammad Azharuddin

Inspirational Mohammad Azharuddin Quotes

“You need to protect the best players in the country. When there is so much cricket, we must work on ways to prolong their careers.”-Mohammad Azharuddin


“Cricket was a splendid chapter of my life; indeed, it made me what I am today. However, cricket alone isn’t the only flavor of life. Sometimes, indeed, we tend to take sports too seriously and life too casually.”-Mohammad Azharuddin


“Emotionally, I depend only on myself. My strong belief in the Almighty carries me.”-Mohammad Azharuddin


“If you ask me the best bowler, then Wasim Akram was the best bowler because he had a lot of variety. Even when you were batting on 100 or 150, you’re not very sure… He could still get you out. That was his forte.”-Mohammad Azharuddin


“My strength is my humility. When you are humble, people like you.”-Mohammad Azharuddin


“It sounds sweet when, after a long time, people talk good about you, especially when you have done a lot for the country and played with distinction. It’s good; it’s a good feeling.”-Mohammad Azharuddin


“Mentally, I am very strong; physically I am very strong. I think that keeps me going. That keeps me strong all the time.”-Mohammad Azharuddin


Famous Mohammad Azharuddin Quotes


“People are going to write things about you, but you have to take the good with the bad, so you shouldn’t take it very seriously. If you take it to heart, it’ll get very difficult to deal with. So, just take it with a pinch of salt.”-Mohammad Azharuddin


“When you want to do something, you have to do it whole-heartedly.”-Mohammad Azharuddin


“I think Bollywood and cricket go hand in hand. Glamour attracts glamour. Cricket has become a very glamorous game now.”-Mohammad Azharuddin


“The fact that I had attained stardom never affected me too much.”-Mohammad Azharuddin


“I had lost my grandfather just a month-and-a-half before I made my debut. I was suddenly scoring runs and getting into the fray. It was a very trying period for me. I was happy as well as sad.”-Mohammad Azharuddin


“I never say no to any event that is associated with education.”-Mohammad Azharuddin


Top 10 Mohammad Azharuddin Quotes


“When you are on the field, you know exactly what is happening out there. You are in charge. You have to make the right choices. No one can decide for you.”-Mohammad Azharuddin


“I used to take long walks in England. The second time I went there, it helped me to lose a lot of weight. When I wasn’t playing, I used to spend the whole day walking. Going from shop to shop.”-Mohammad Azharuddin


“My uncle used to play cricket. I got used to the game at home. As kids, we used to all wonder seeing the bats lying around the house. As we grew older, we realized what the game was all about, and then our interest in the game grew.”-Mohammad Azharuddin


“You may be the best team in the world, but you can’t win all the tournaments. That’s what the media does not understand.”-Mohammad Azharuddin


“The biggest thing I possess is infinite patience. Once you are patient, things fall in place.”-Mohammad Azharuddin


“You have got to field well. If you don’t bat well, you can still make a difference by fielding well. There are times I have played games just because of my fielding.”-Mohammad Azharuddin


“I was a good fielder in the gully in my college days. But in the outfield, I was not such a good fielder.”-Mohammad Azharuddin