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Money Laundering Quotes

Motivational Money Laundering Quotes

Money Laundering Quotes:- Money laundering is the process of concealing the origins of money obtained illegally by passing it through a complex sequence of banking transfers or commercial transactions. The overall scheme of this process returns the money to the launderer in an obscure and indirect way.

Inspirational Money Laundering Quotes

“We have never heard of laundering in Macau; money laundering is unheard of. Mind you, my casino, every bit of money – someone says Stanley Ho, you issue me a check of so much money – we don’t give that easy.”-Stanley Ho

Inspirational Money Laundering Quotes

“It’s bad form to mention money-laundering. Instead, you talk about asset-management structures and tax beneficial schemes.”-John Sweeney


“You get to a point where it gets very complex, where you have money laundering activities, drug-related activities, and terrorist support activities converging at certain points and becoming one.”-Sibel Edmonds


“Former U.S. House Majority Leader, Tom DeLay, has been sentenced to three years in prison. One year for money laundering and two more for his performance on ‘Dancing with the Stars.”-Jay Leno


“Terrorists are linked to money laundering, dirty money, drug dealing, arms trafficking. We have to ask ourselves, where do terrorists get their weapons from? Where do they get their communication technology from? Where do they get their financing from? These are some of the aspects where I think the entire international community needs to come together and put a complete stop to access to these three key aspects by the terrorists.”-Narendra Modi


Money Laundering Quotes And Money Laundering Sayings


“Hillary Clinton has decided to line up with John McCain in pushing to suspend the federal excise tax on gasoline, 18.4 cents a gallon, for this summer’s travel season. This is not an energy policy. This is money laundering: we borrow money from China and ship it to Saudi Arabia and take a little cut for ourselves as it goes through our gas tanks. What a way to build our country.”-Thomas Friedman


“I guess the main thing that came out of the Panama Papers was that Ukrainian President Poroshenko had promised to divest of his chocolate company and instead, he simply moved it into an offshore account. And on the very day that he was increasing the attacks on the eastern Donbas region of Ukraine, the export sector, he was signing documents to conceal his own money offshore. So the exposé of the Panama money laundering has hit some of the dictators that America is protecting and promoting.”-Michael Hudson


“America should be working more with the Mexicans to prevent the flow of guns going south into Mexico that has fueled so much of the violence there, and the smuggling of cash and the money laundering that transnational criminal organizations have instituted in North America, including in the United States.”-Alan Bersin