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Salman Rushdie Quotes

Motivational Salman Rushdie Quotes

Salman Rushdie Quotes:- Sir Ahmed Salman Rushdie (born 19 June 1947) is a British Indian novelist and essayist.

His second novel, Midnight’s Children (1981), won the Booker Prize in 1981 and was deemed to be “the best novel of all winners” on two separate occasions, marking the 25th and the 40th anniversary of the prize.

Much of his fiction is set on the Indian subcontinent. He combines magical realism with historical fiction; his work is concerned with the many connections, disruptions, and migrations between Eastern and Western civilizations.

Inspirational Salman Rushdie Quotes

“What one writer can make in the solitude of one room is something no power can easily destroy.”-Salman Rushdie

Salman Rushdie Quotes

“Originality is dangerous.”-Salman Rushdie


“India is my kid sister.”-Salman Rushdie


“American literature has always been an immigrant.”-Salman Rushdie


“There is no such thing as perfect security, only varying levels of insecurity.”-Salman Rushdie


“An attack upon our ability to tell stories is not just censorship – it is a crime against our nature as human beings.”-Salman Rushdie


“Sometimes legends make a reality and become more useful than the facts.”-Salman Rushdie


“The publishing of a book is a worldwide event. The attempt to suppress a book is a worldwide event.”-Salman Rushdie


“When you are making an independent film, money is never an issue.”-Salman Rushdie


“One of the extraordinary things about human events is that the unthinkable becomes thinkable.”-Salman Rushdie


“What happened in Pakistan was that people were told: You’re all Muslim, so now you’re a country. As we saw in 1971 with the Bangladesh secession, the answer to that was: ‘Oh no, we’re not.”-Salman Rushdie


“What is freedom of expression? Without the freedom to offend, it ceases to exist.”-Salman Rushdie


Famous Salman Rushdie Quotes


“There is nothing intrinsic linking any religion with any act of violence. The crusades don’t prove that Christianity was violent. The Inquisition doesn’t prove that Christianity tortures people. But that Christianity did torture people.”-Salman Rushdie


“War used to be something you could stand on the nearby hill and watch. Now we have total war; everybody’s in it. We have total economics as well. Everything affects everybody. The Malaysian currency shakes, and people around the world are seriously affected.”-Salman Rushdie


“I grew up reading ‘The Jungle Books’ and loving them.”-Salman Rushdie


“The First Amendment defends all forms of speech including hate speech, which is why groups like Ku Klux Klan are allowed to utter their poisonous remarks.”-Salman Rushdie


“Vertigo is the conflict between the fear of falling and the desire to fall.”-Salman Rushdie


“One of the strange things about violent and authoritarian regimes is they don’t like the glare of negative publicity.”-Salman Rushdie


“The writers of the French enlightenment had deliberately used blasphemy as a weapon, refusing to accept the power of the Church to set limiting points on thought.”-Salman Rushdie


“But there’s one thing we must all be clear about: terrorism is not the pursuit of legitimate goals by some sort of illegitimate means. Whatever the murderers may be trying to achieve, creating a better world certainly isn’t one of their goals. Instead, they are out to murder innocent people.”-Salman Rushdie


“Chekhov is this poet of melancholy and isolation and of wishing you were somewhere else than where you are.”-Salman Rushdie