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Famous Slogans on Poverty and Suffering

SLOGANS ON POVERTY:- Poverty is the condition of being extremely poor which makes people unable to get basic necessities of life, especially food, shelter, clothing, and education. It affects people’s physical, mental, social, and moral abilities to do something good in their life.

It is a big social issue that affects people at the individual, social and national levels.

Such poverty slogans can be used during the event or campaign celebrations in the community, society, schools, colleges or other places.

Poverty is dangerous to the success of any nation.

You can choose any of the poverty slogans given below according to your need




Take poverty as a condition, not as a destiny!


Poverty is not a curse, it is just a condition.

Education is the only medicine for poverty.


Poverty restricts the development of a country.


Promote education to eliminate poverty from all over the nation.


Poverty is not a curse; it is just a condition and can be removed completely!


Poverty is dangerous to the success of any nation.


A nation cannot develop if it has poverty!


Poverty restrains the development in the country.

Education is an effective solution to poverty.


Poverty is a big reason for many social issues in the country.


Poor people need a friend to give poverty an end.


Poverty is the mother of greediness and corruption.


Poverty makes a nation hollow from inside.


Education is the only weapon to defeat poverty.


Poverty makes people weak in all dimensions.


Education is the only weapon to win over poverty.


 Best And Catchy Slogans on Poverty 


Poverty demotes whereas education promotes development in the country.


Let’s unite to fight poverty and make the future bright.


Poverty is not a curse but it has power to down the morals of a person.


Education is the basic need to remove poverty.

Poverty makes people desire less and thus effortless.


Education is the tool to get rid of poverty.


Poverty makes the nation helpless like a man without hands and legs.


We should keep poverty away but not poor!


Poverty is enough to hinder the growth of a nation.


We should hate poverty but not the poor!


Poverty makes a man weak but it cannot win the education.


We should always defeat poverty but not a poor!

Poverty makes a man helpless but it cannot withstand in front of education.


We should help each and every poor to make poverty helpless.


Top 10 Poverty Slogans And Taglines


As being a citizen of the nation, we can do our best to promote education among poor people.


Don’t ignore people, just because they are poor; help them.


How strange, no one wants to cross-range to fight poverty.


Poverty is not a curse but it has power to down the development in a nation.


It’s time to unite as poverty is not our right.


Poor people are calling to save them from falling.


Poverty gives rise to many social issues in a nation.


We need to hit so that poverty can quit.


Poverty leaves people helpless in the world; like a bird without its wings in the sky.


If poverty can destroy the life of a man, a man too can destroy its existence.


Only education can change poverty into the property.