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Aug 24, 2019
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Motivational Angelina Jolie Quotes And Sayings

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Angelina Jolie Quotes:Angelina Jolie (born June 4, 1975) is an American actress, filmmaker, and humanitarian. The recipient of such accolades as an Academy Award and three Golden Globe Awards, she has been named Hollywood’s highest-paid actress multiple times.

Inspirational Angelina Jolie Quotes

“I do believe in the old saying, ‘What does not kill you makes you stronger.’ Our experiences, good and bad, make us who we are. By overcoming difficulties, we gain strength and maturity.”-Angelina Jolie

“When other little girls wanted to be ballet dancers I kind of wanted to be a vampire.”-Angelina Jolie


“We have a choice about how we take what happens to us in our life and whether or not we allow it to turn us. We can become consumed by hate and darkness, or we’re able to regain our humanity somehow, or come to terms with things and learn something about ourselves.”-Angelina Jolie


“Anytime I feel lost, I pull out a map and stare. I stare until I have reminded myself that life is a giant adventure, so much to do, to see.”-Angelina Jolie


I’m happy being myself, which I’ve never been to before. I always hid in other people, or tried to find myself through the characters, or live out their lives, but I didn’t have those things in mind.”-Angelina Jolie


“My mother was a very natural woman. She never spoiled herself, never wore make-up, and wore modest jewelry, but she always had a few special items for when she wanted to feel like a lady. One of those special items – and I remember it because it seemed so elegant – was her Guerlain powder.”-Angelina Jolie


“I don’t like perfumes that are too strong or sweet. I like a fragrance that is earthy and sensual and can be worn at any time.”-Angelina Jolie


Top 25 Most Inspiring Angelina Jolie Quotes


“My mother was a very natural woman. She never spoiled herself, never wore make-up, and wore modest jewelry, but she always had a few special items for when she wanted to feel like a lady. One of those special items – and I remember it because it seemed so elegant – was her Guerlain powder.”-Angelina Jolie


“If I didn’t have my films as an outlet for all the different sides of me, I would probably be locked up.”-Angelina Jolie


“When I get logical, and I don’t trust my instincts – that’s when I get in trouble.”-Angelina Jolie


“Maleficent has suffered abuse in the past, and there’s a reason why she is now as furious as she is. And I think that children who have been outcast and abused in any way will relate to her. There’s a beautiful side to her; she’s not just a dark person. She has all these facets. And that is interesting.”-Angelina Jolie


“I’m getting a wrinkle above my eyebrow because I just can’t stop lifting it, and I love that you know.”-Angelina Jolie


“If every choice you make comes from an honest place, you’re solid, and nothing anybody can say about you can rock you or change your opinion.”-Angelina Jolie


“Honestly, I like everything, boyish girls, girlish boys, the heavy and the skinny.”-Angelina Jolie


“To be intimate with a married man, when my own father cheated on my mother, is not something I could forgive. I could not look at myself in the morning if I did that. I wouldn’t be attracted to a man who would cheat on his wife.”-Angelina Jolie


 Angelina Jolie Quotes on Health And Beauty 


“I seem to be getting a lot of things pushed my way that is strong women. It’s like people see Hackers and they send me offers to play tough women with guns, the kind who wear no bra and a little tank top. I’d like to play strong women who are also very feminine.”-Angelina Jolie


“You have to just make the choices you make in life. I made the choices I made because I believed they were right for me.”-Angelina Jolie


“I’ve realized that being happy is a choice. You never want to rub anybody the wrong way or not be fun to be around, but you have to be happy. When I get logical and I don’t trust my instincts – That’s when I get in trouble.”-Angelina Jolie


“Every woman is different when they go through menopause, and… I didn’t know emotionally how I would feel.”-Angelina Jolie


“I think all women go through periods where we hate this about ourselves, we don’t like that. It’s great to get to a place where you dismiss anything you’re worried about. I find flaws attractive. I find scars attractive.”-Angelina Jolie


“I’d like to think that I’m a calm and sweet person. I tend to be very playful at home with my children, but in life… we have to fight our battles – our work battles, our political battles, our personal battles – and we’re focused.”-Angelina Jolie


“I want to work; then, as my kids get older, I want to have adventures. I want to visit all their countries: learn and live inside all their cultures.”-Angelina Jolie


“He knows my limitations and where I’m a good wife and a good mom.”-Angelina Jolie


Famous Angelina Jolie Quotes About Love


“It’s a great thing about being pregnant – you don’t need excuses to pee or to eat.”-Angelina Jolie


“You just don’t know when you get in the editing room what you will need as a link or a tool for a transition. If you’re in a room, and there’s a kettle boiling, get a shot of it. Don’t worry if people think you’re nuts.”-Angelina Jolie


“When you work as a humanitarian, you are conscious that politics have to be considered. Because if you really want to make an extreme change, then you have a responsibility.”-Angelina Jolie


“I didn’t really want to live, so anything that was an investment in time made me angry… but also I just felt sad. When the hopelessness is hurting you, it’s the fixtures and fittings that finish you off.”-Angelina Jolie


“Seeing Pax get extra-nervous about which shirt he is going to wear when he meets Aung San Suu Kyi, I get very moved. He rightfully doesn’t get nervous going to a movie premiere; he gets nervous going to meet her.”-Angelina Jolie


“To be clear: we have fights and problems like any other couple.”-Angelina Jolie


“The moment you have a child, in an instant your life is not for you, and your life is completely, 100 percent dedicated to another human being, and they will always come first. It changes you forever. It changes your perspective, and it gives you a nice purpose and focus.”-Angelina Jolie

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