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Mark Zuckerberg Quotes

Motivational Mark Zuckerberg Quotes and Sayings

Mark Zuckerberg Quotes:- Mark Zuckerberg is co-founder and CEO of the social-networking website Facebook, as well as one of the world’s youngest billionaires. Born on 14 May 1984, in White Plains, New York, Mark Zuckerberg co-founded the social-networking website Facebook out of his college dorm room.

He left Harvard after his sophomore year to concentrate on the site, the user base of which has grown to more than 2 billion people, making Zuckerberg a billionaire. The birth of Facebook was portrayed in the 2010 film The Social Network.


Inspirational Mark Zuckerberg Quotes


“A lot of times, I run a thought experiment: ‘If I were not at Facebook, what would I be doing to make the world more open?”-“-Mark Zuckerberg


“A squirrel dying in front of your house may be more relevant to your interests right now than people dying in Africa.”-Mark Zuckerberg

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“About half my time is spent on business operation type stuff.”-Mark Zuckerberg

“By giving people the power to share, we’re making the world more transparent.”-Mark Zuckerberg


“Connectivity is a human right.”-Mark Zuckerberg


“Figuring out what the next big trend is tells us what we should focus on.”-Mark Zuckerberg


Mark Zuckerberg Quotes On Information


“I actually think people generally have an awareness and feel like, ‘Wow, these networks have a lot of information.”-Mark Zuckerberg


“I always tell people that you should only hire people to be on your team if you would work for them.”-Mark Zuckerberg

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“I believe we have to nip Ebola in the bud before it spreads through Africa and to other countries.”-Mark Zuckerberg


“I do everything on my phone as a lot of people do.”-Mark Zuckerberg


“I don’t have an alarm clock. If someone needs to wake me up, then I have my BlackBerry next to me.”-Mark Zuckerberg


“I just think that VR and AR are going to be a really big deal.”-Mark Zuckerberg


“I just want to make sure when I have kids, I can spend time with them. That’s the whole point.”-Mark Zuckerberg


“I like making things. I don’t like getting my picture taken.”-Mark Zuckerberg


Mark Zuckerberg Quotes On Problems


“I look at Google and think they have a strong academic culture. Elegant solutions to complex problems.”-Mark Zuckerberg


“I started the site when I was 19. I didn’t know much about business back then.”-Mark Zuckerberg


“I think a simple rule of business is, if you do the things that are easier first, then you can actually make a lot of progress.”-Mark Zuckerberg


“I think that people just have this core desire to express who they are. And I think that’s always existed.”-Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg

“I wear the same outfit or, at least, a different copy of it almost every day.”-Mark Zuckerberg


“I will only hire someone to work directly for me if I would work for that person. It’s a pretty good test.”-Mark Zuckerberg


Mark Zuckerberg Quotes On Identity


“If you’re always under the pressure of real identity, I think that is somewhat of a burden.”-Mark Zuckerberg


“I’m trying to make the world a more open place.”-Mark Zuckerberg


“It’s against all of our policies for an application to ever share information with advertisers.”-Mark Zuckerberg


“It’s, like, even in journeys like Facebook, we’ve had some very serious ups and downs.”-Mark Zuckerberg


“Mobile is a lot closer to TV than it is to desktop.”-Mark Zuckerberg


“Move fast and break things. Unless you are breaking stuff, you are not moving fast enough.”-Mark Zuckerberg


“Move fast with stable infrastructure.”-Mark Zuckerberg


Mark Zuckerberg Quotes On Infrastructure


“My goal was never to make Facebook cool. I am not a cool person.”-Mark Zuckerberg


“On engagement, we’re already seeing that mobile users are more likely to be daily active users than desktop users. They’re more likely to use Facebook six or seven days of the week.”-Mark Zuckerberg


“Once you have a product that you are happy with, you the need to centralize things to continue growth.”-Mark Zuckerberg

“One of my big regrets is that Facebook hasn’t had a major chance to shape the mobile operating system ecosystem.”-Mark Zuckerberg


“Our goal is not to build a platform; it’s to be cross all of them.”-Mark Zuckerberg


“Our goal is to make it so there’s as little friction as possible to having a social experience.”-Mark Zuckerberg


Mark Zuckerberg Quotes On Experience


“Our mission is to connect every person in the world. You don’t do that by having a service people pay for.”-Mark Zuckerberg


“Our philosophy is that we care about people first.”-Mark Zuckerberg


“People at Facebook are fairly used to the press being nice to us or not nice to us.”-Mark Zuckerberg


“People like to talk about war.”-Mark Zuckerberg

“The basis of our partnership strategy and our partnership approach: We build the social technology. They provide the music.”-Mark Zuckerberg


Mark Zuckerberg Quotes On Partnership


“The biggest mistake we made as a company was betting too much on HTML5.”-Mark Zuckerberg


“The companies that work are the ones that people really care about and have a vision for the world so do something you like.”-Mark Zuckerberg


“The connectivity declaration is about uniting the whole industry – a lot of companies that typically compete very fiercely – to push in a coherent direction.”-Mark Zuckerberg


“The main Facebook usage is so big. About 20 percent of the time people spend on their phone is on Facebook.”-Mark Zuckerberg


“The only meat I eat is from animals I’ve killed myself.”-Mark Zuckerberg


“The question isn’t, ‘What do we want to know about people?’, It’s, ‘What do people want to tell about themselves?'”-Mark Zuckerberg


“The thing I really care about is the mission, making the world open.”-Mark Zuckerberg


“The thing that we are trying to do at Facebook, is just helping people connect and communicate more efficiently.”-Mark Zuckerberg


Mark Zuckerberg Quotes On Communication


“Unless you are breaking stuff, you are not moving fast enough.”-Mark Zuckerberg

“We are a mission-driven company. In order to do this, we have to build a great team. And in order to do that, you need people to know they can make a bunch of money. So we need a business model to make a lot of money.”-Mark Zuckerberg


“We don’t sell data; we don’t allow anyone to sell data.”-Mark Zuckerberg


“We’re running the company to serve more people.”-Mark Zuckerberg


“We’re very focused on making News Feed really good, making our photos experience really good, making messaging really good, and creating great location apps. That’s the nature of a platform business of our scale. Most companies that are relevant to us will have some overlaps in some competitive way.”-Mark Zuckerberg


Mark Zuckerberg Quotes On Business


“What really motivates people at Facebook is building something that’s worthwhile, that they’re going to be proud to show to friends and family.”-Mark Zuckerberg


“What really motivates people at Facebook is building stuff that they’re proud of.”-Mark Zuckerberg


Mark Zuckerberg Quotes On Innovation


“What we figured out was that in order to get everyone in the world to have basic access to the Internet, that’s a problem that’s probably billions of dollars. Or maybe low tens of billions. With the right innovation, that’s actually within the range of affordability.”-Mark Zuckerberg


Mark Zuckerberg Quotes On Responsibility


“What we will do is we’ll say, ‘Okay, you have your page, and if you’re not trying to organize harm against someone, or attacking someone, then you can put up that content on your page, even if people might disagree with it or find it offensive.’ But that doesn’t mean that we have a responsibility to make it widely distributed in News Feed.”-Mark Zuckerberg


Mark Zuckerberg Quotes On Identity


“When Facebook was getting started, nothing used real identity – everything was anonymous or pseudonymous – and I thought that real identity should play a bigger part than it did.”-Mark Zuckerberg


“When I started Facebook from my dorm room in 2004, the idea that my roommates and I talked about all the time was a world that was more open.”-Mark Zuckerberg


“When I was in college I did a lot of stupid things and I don’t want to make an excuse for that. Some of the things that people accuse me of are true, some of them aren’t. There are pranks, IMs.”-Mark Zuckerberg


Mark Zuckerberg Quotes On Business


“When most people ask about a business growing, what they really mean is growing revenue, not just growing the number of people using a service. Traditional businesses would view people using your service that you don’t make money from as a cost.”-Mark Zuckerberg


“When people are connected, we can just do some great things. They have the opportunity to get access to jobs, education, health, communications. We have the opportunity to bring the people we care about closer to us. It really makes a big difference.”-Mark Zuckerberg


“When we are thinking about stuff like embeds, we are not thinking about how we are competing with YouTube. We are thinking about how are we going to make it more useful for people to share stuff on Facebook.”-Mark Zuckerberg


Mark Zuckerberg Quotes On Facebook


“When we were a smaller company, Facebook login was widely adopted, and the growth rate for it has been quite quick. But in order to get to the next level and become more ubiquitous, it needs to be trusted even more.”-Mark Zuckerberg


“When you give everyone a voice and give people power, the system usually ends up in a really good place. So, what we view our role as, is giving people that power.”-Mark Zuckerberg


Mark Zuckerberg Quotes On Connections


“While some doubted that connecting the world was actually important, we were building. While others doubted that this would be sustainable, you were forming lasting connections. We just cared more about connecting the world than anyone else. And we still do today.”-Mark Zuckerberg


Mark Zuckerberg Quotes On Building


“You can use your real identity, or you can use phone numbers for something like WhatsApp, and pseudonyms for something like Instagram. But in any of those you’re not just sharing and consuming content, you are also building relationships with people and building an understanding of people.”-Mark Zuckerberg


“You get a reputation for stability if you are stable for years.”-Mark Zuckerberg