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Hiroto Saikawa Quotes

Motivational Hiroto Saikawa Quotes And Sayings

Hiroto Saikawa Quotes:- Hiroto Saikawa (Born November 14, 1953 ) is the former president and former CEO of Nissan. Hiroto Saikawa joined Nissan in 1977 after graduating from University. Saikawa graduated from Tokyo University and is married.

Saikawa has been Chief Executive Officer and President of Nissan since April 1, 2017. Prior to this, he served as Co-Chief Executive Officer of Nissan Motor Co. Ltd. from November 1, 2016, to April 1, 2017, and as the Chief Competitive Officer of Nissan since April 2014.

Inspirational Hiroto Saikawa Quotes

“Nissan would like to put this matter behind us as soon as possible so that we can reestablish the foundations of a successful alliance and focus on our real business.”–Hiroto Saikawa

Inspirational Hiroto Saikawa Quotes

“I am deeply sorry for causing concern.”–Hiroto Saikawa


“It’s going to take more time than we thought to recover from this situation.”–Hiroto Saikawa

“We’ve come to a point where customers have been buying our product for the discounts offered on them, not for the strength of the product itself.”–Hiroto Saikawa


“I have nothing to say about this. We’re not in a position to be discussing (merger issues), improving our financial performance is our top priority.”–Hiroto Saikawa


“We want a win-win relationship with Renault. The alliance has been successful until now because we have respected each others’ independence, if necessary, we will put our capital structure on the table. If the relationship becomes a win-lose one, the relationship will break up very quickly.”–Hiroto Saikawa


“This is not an issue we can fix overnight, we need to fulfill the task (of improving governance) and prepare the company for our next steps, and then pass the leadership baton.”–Hiroto Saikawa